Monday, July 23, 2012

White Balance

white balance DSC_0750
I'm working on writing the tutorial for week 4 of my basics of SLR photography e-class. The theme of this week is White Balance and I wanted to share a couple photos from the first time I wrote this class... I'll still use some of the same photos in my current class since I love how they turned out.


I set this white balance using the custom white balance or "pre" set white balance using a white card. Remembering to check your white balance when you set up your shoot, knowing which white balance pre-set or how to set a custom-set white balance is so important to getting a good shot strait out of camera. 

One of my favorite ways to set a white balance is by using the custom white balance. Here are the steps top setting a custom white balance:

  • Hold down the White Balance button on your camera and turn the command dial until you get to "PRE" those letters should start flashing.
  • Hold up a sheet of bright white paper in front of your camera. If you can fill the frame with white that is ideal. Snap your shutter. You should get a message that says "GOOD" 
  • If you get a "NO GOOD" message it is because your exposure is off. If you are way over exposed or way under exposed you can not set your custom white balance. Correct your exposure and try again. 
I explain all of the white balance settings in my class and will be explaining the Kelvin white balance in my advanced class which you can pre-register for today before prices go up August 1st. 

BTW the font I used on the before/after image is called Clementine Sketch

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