Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shoot Where You Are Part 2

There are pictures to be taken wherever you are - you'd be surprised! In the most unusual places you can take photos of the most ordinary things and with a little bit of creativity turn it into something artistic.

Simple Object Challenge
this is my photo CLICK HERE to see more on Flick
Depression is...
dusty fridge vents 
uncooked rice
1 19 11
bathroom tranquility
votives in my bathroom
water spigetDSC_9568

kitchenready for soup

One challenge - take 5 pictures in an unusual spot

Another challenge  - "lock" yourself in one spot for 5 minutes. How many pictures can you take?


  1. great idea for taking shots, must try it.

  2. Cool idea! I need to try this too! Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

  3. I've never seen dusty fridge vents look so good haha!

  4. Oy.. I don't think I'd want to take a shot of fridge vents, it's been awhile since I vacuumed them... lol! But as to shooting where you are, I agree... just do it! And often I push myself my limiting my shoot to one lens... challenging as well!


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