Friday, July 6, 2012

Movie Night In: Mirror Mirror

How good can another movie about Snow White be really?  I mean, we all know this story. We know it forwards and backwards and inside out and upside down. Can we really stand to sit there and watch it again?

For me the answer is a big fat yes. Yes, I will gladly watch this, even if the basic plot is tired and worn out this version has managed to breathe life into and turn a tired traditional story into a magical journey of bravery, kindness and true love.

We watched Mirror Mirror at the discount theater when my mother in-law came into town a couple months ago and the whole family loved it!

I had, at that time, not seen Lilly Collins (daughter of the Phil Collins) in anything (I've seen her in the Blind Side since then and she had smaller parts in a couple other movies as well) and I was really impressed!

If you've even seen the trailer you know that Julia Roberts is ah-mazing so do I really need to tell you again? The best part of her character is that she doesn't seem to take it too seriously. She doesn't make herself into some wicked, awful person she is just a very very very selfish person and in doing so brilliantly creates a wonderful queen step-mother.

Mirror, Mirror is surprisingly original, funny from start to finish and very family-friendly and we all enjoyed it, even the Hubs, who usually falls asleep when he watches movies with us.

Things you may want to know to help you decide if you want your kids to see this movie: There is a beast and while you only really see him in one scene near the end he is about as equally scary as the one in Enchanted. There is also a scene where a puppet, controlled by the Queen's magical alter-ego, crashes down on the home of the seven dwarves, which was a little freaky.  The "seven dwarves" fight and steal. Snow teaches them not to steal and they teach Snow how to fight. There is some flirtation and the fairy-tale typical situation of Snow thinking the Prince is her one true love (and vice versa) after about two minutes. There are a few bad attitudes, basically what you'd expect from a big movie like this. Overall though it's a fun movie for the whole family to enjoy together.

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