Monday, July 9, 2012

More photos of Eli and a proper update

Eli can walk a few steps at a time. He loves it. He walks when we hold his hands, he walks a few steps towards Mommy and Daddy but he seems a bit unsure of himself still and impatient that walking takes so much longer than crawling. He crawls like a champ. He hates nursery at church - cried unconsolably every time. His nursery workers are awesome.

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He has two good teeth on the bottom plus one that is about half-way up and he's got four teeth on top. He says Mama & Dada and he loves to say "g" like the word "good" but without the vowel sound in the middle.

I taught him how to nod his head to say "yes ma'am" now his brother and sisters play with him like he's a magic 8 ball. They ask him all kinds of questions like "is your favorite color pink?" and "are you an elephant?" it's somewhere on the line between annoying and hilarious - just like so many of our kids behaviors are.


Eli loves sweet potato puffs. He eats cheerios regularly and especially ikea rice crispy cereal. He has started liking avocado and banana now. The first time I gave him any you would have thought I'd given him something spoiled. He spit that right out! He enjoys eating baby food. Sweet potatoes are one of his favorites, he also really likes pears. I give him Oatmeal with apples, sweet potatoes with corn, and green beans with rice - those are some of his favorites. He's eating some food strait from the table now as well. He has eaten black beans and rice. Confession: one day we were at Wendy's and I gave him a couple pieces of fries so he'd stop fussing. He was gassy for days. I haven't given him any dairy yet or wheat or eggs since my family has a history of food allergies. He also hasn't had any tomato, citrus or meat. He's had strawberries and pickles. He seemed to like the pickle a lot.

DSC_5438 copy

He likes playing with books but doesn't really like being read to yet. I think he will though, soon. He loves throwing balls and he can already zoom his brother's cars! He loves to be sung to and will hum along. His favorite game is peek-a-boo.


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