Monday, July 2, 2012

Advanced SLR e-class

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I just wanted to give some more information on my advanced SLR e-class that will be starting September 3.

a couple of things I'll be  covering...

Week 1 Exposure
How to fine-tune your exposure
How to read your Histogram

Week 2 Composition
How to control depth of field and be intentional about foreground & background
How to be intentional with point of focus & negative space

Week 3 Color
How to get a great white balance with manual/pre-set white balance & kelvin
How to shoot in black and white

Week 4 Creativity
How to grow through imitation, inspiration & innovation

I'm still working on organizing my material, but I am SO excited about this new class! It is really pushing me to think outside the box of my usual classes. I have also been trying to incorporate a few elements from what I've been able to find out about the test to become a Certified Professional Photographer.

Tutorials will be emailed and feedback will be provided in my group on Flickr.

Register now before August 1 for $40
(when the price will go up to $60)
Pre-registration is over. You can now register at the regular price.
First tutorials will be emailed out Monday September 3

Pick your class
send tutorials to this email:

Can't wait for September? You can also register for a mentoring session


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