Tuesday, July 24, 2012

a year later... weight loss after my fifth pregnancy

Eli's first birthday was last week. 

This year has gone by so quickly and from one point of view, when I remember how hard those first few months were, I'm glad it went so fast, but as I watch my sweet little baby walking around grinning and babbling I am a little bit sad that this year went by so fast.

I posted the photo above on Instagram & Facebook and got some comments from friends - thank you. Y'all are so sweet. One friend encouraged me to post the photos I've taken of myself this year. So here goes...
  2011-12-01 15.53.28
Random: a photo of me a couple weeks after having my oldest... I found it and had to post it!

When I was looking back through my file of cell phone pics I found all these preggo belly shots that I just had to share... couldn't help myself! 
2011-01-11 11.19.182011-01-29 15.27.46
I didn't exercise really at all during my pregnancy. I felt so awful during my first trimester I thought I had the flu. I was too tired to do anything.
2011-03-04 15.07.422011-03-04 13.21.16 2011-04-12 15.01.252011-04-15 14.51.20
I craved creme filled doughnuts during this pregnancy!
2011-03-10 18.04.172011-03-08 15.01.52
Yes, I have more than one other kid but the girls were at school most of the day and didn't get into as many photos :)
2011-05-11 16.14.242011-05-11 16.13.54 self-portrait in a mirror
May 2011

2011-06-16 08.03.42 
during a storm a tree crashed through the roof of the house we were renting
we had to move out and find a new place
but God provided for us!!  
2011-06-21 07.47.27
feeling huge! I had a more difficult time with swelling this time. I tried to start really watching my diet. I completely gave up soda.
2011-07-07 18.27.34
at our new place! counting down the days past my due date!
The night before I went in to have my labor induced
2011-07-19 10.50.41
It's all worth it when you see that little face
2011-07-30 18.13.09
Emma made the yarn bracelet for me while I was in the hospital
I continued to wear it as a reminder to be grateful for all my blessings
July 2011
DSC_2734 1 
Our family plus my mom who stayed with us for about a week after Eli was born 
aww - he's so tiny!!
honestly, I felt like I'd been run over by a truck. My back ached constantly and I had headaches,
I struggled a little with PPD but not badly. I felt like all I ever did was change diapers!! So glad that was a short-lived phase.
2011-08-02 12.48.54 2011-08-14 14.06.06
I started doing a DVD workout called Mom and Baby Fitness about a month or two postpartum. It is really gentle and easy to do with the baby.
August 2011
2011-08-25 09.06.132011-09-21 10.47.34
September 2011 
trying to fit into my jeans
I tried a couple yoga workouts
I really love the Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown but it's really intense!
I also work out to Just Dance for the Wii
2011-10-05 12.43.21
October 2011
2011-11-18 15.06.412011-11-03 00.30.39
November 2011
I can fit into my jeans again!!
IMG_1082 IMG_1085
February 2012
March 2012
yeah - so that's life
April 2012
IMG_2240 IMG_2886
These are the same jeans I was trying to fit into late last year.
recognize the shirt? I guess it's one of my favorite. 
BTW: I bought it in the mens isle at Target  
May 2012
same dress I was wearing in the may picture above

June 2012
I didn't want to post it right on my blog 
but I do think it's good to let each other see that we aren't perfect.

What I do:
I eat a bowl of honey nut cheerios for breakfast - it's good fiber!
I don't drink soda (I drink tea if I go out)
I don't eat fries
I don't eat fried chicken
I drink lots of milk - that's my go-to snack.
I try to be good about eating fresh fruits & veggies
I try to limit stuff like Ice Cream
I try to be gentle with myself and not expect too much too quickly.
I try to take one step that will make a lasting change rather than focus on pounds lost per week.
I am still nursing, which burns a lot of calories.
I am still not yet thirty so it's still a lot easier for me to maintain a healthy weight.


  1. I loved seeing the transformation!

  2. you are my hero! I drink way to much caffeine and soda - all diet but it still makes me bloated. I'd probably shed 5-10lbs if I switched to strictly water/milk. I didn't gain much during pregnancy and lost it all right after, but now I'm probably back where I was pre pregnancy - which is not my healthy weight. AND your tummy looks AWESOME after 5 kids! Actually it probably looks awesome for someone who has never had any kids!

  3. Turning 30 made a HUGE difference in my weight gain/loss!! You look great Faith!

  4. What a great and inspiring post. I am 4 months after my second one was born and getting really frustrated with my weight.
    You look AWESOME!

  5. I was just going to leave a comment on how great you look (in all the pics, during pregnancy and after), but now you have me wondering if the reason I'm having a hard time losing weight is because I AM older than 30. Good grief, does that mean I actually have to work out harder? (Insert whine here.)


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