Tuesday, July 24, 2012

a year later... weight loss after my fifth pregnancy

Eli's first birthday was last week. 

This year has gone by so quickly and from one point of view, when I remember how hard those first few months were, I'm glad it went so fast, but as I watch my sweet little baby walking around grinning and babbling I am a little bit sad that this year went by so fast.

I posted the photo above on Instagram & Facebook and got some comments from friends - thank you. Y'all are so sweet. One friend encouraged me to post the photos I've taken of myself this year. So here goes...
  2011-12-01 15.53.28
Random: a photo of me a couple weeks after having my oldest... I found it and had to post it!

When I was looking back through my file of cell phone pics I found all these preggo belly shots that I just had to share... couldn't help myself! 
2011-01-11 11.19.182011-01-29 15.27.46
I didn't exercise really at all during my pregnancy. I felt so awful during my first trimester I thought I had the flu. I was too tired to do anything.
2011-03-04 15.07.422011-03-04 13.21.16 2011-04-12 15.01.252011-04-15 14.51.20
I craved creme filled doughnuts during this pregnancy!
2011-03-10 18.04.172011-03-08 15.01.52
Yes, I have more than one other kid but the girls were at school most of the day and didn't get into as many photos :)
2011-05-11 16.14.242011-05-11 16.13.54 self-portrait in a mirror
May 2011

2011-06-16 08.03.42 
during a storm a tree crashed through the roof of the house we were renting
we had to move out and find a new place
but God provided for us!!  
2011-06-21 07.47.27
feeling huge! I had a more difficult time with swelling this time. I tried to start really watching my diet. I completely gave up soda.
2011-07-07 18.27.34
at our new place! counting down the days past my due date!
The night before I went in to have my labor induced
2011-07-19 10.50.41
It's all worth it when you see that little face
2011-07-30 18.13.09
Emma made the yarn bracelet for me while I was in the hospital
I continued to wear it as a reminder to be grateful for all my blessings
July 2011
DSC_2734 1 
Our family plus my mom who stayed with us for about a week after Eli was born 
aww - he's so tiny!!
honestly, I felt like I'd been run over by a truck. My back ached constantly and I had headaches,
I struggled a little with PPD but not badly. I felt like all I ever did was change diapers!! So glad that was a short-lived phase.
2011-08-02 12.48.54 2011-08-14 14.06.06
I started doing a DVD workout called Mom and Baby Fitness about a month or two postpartum. It is really gentle and easy to do with the baby.
August 2011
2011-08-25 09.06.132011-09-21 10.47.34
September 2011 
trying to fit into my jeans
I tried a couple yoga workouts
I really love the Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown but it's really intense!
I also work out to Just Dance for the Wii
2011-10-05 12.43.21
October 2011
2011-11-18 15.06.412011-11-03 00.30.39
November 2011
I can fit into my jeans again!!
IMG_1082 IMG_1085
February 2012
March 2012
yeah - so that's life
April 2012
IMG_2240 IMG_2886
These are the same jeans I was trying to fit into late last year.
recognize the shirt? I guess it's one of my favorite. 
BTW: I bought it in the mens isle at Target  
May 2012
same dress I was wearing in the may picture above

June 2012
I didn't want to post it right on my blog 
but I do think it's good to let each other see that we aren't perfect.

What I do:
I eat a bowl of honey nut cheerios for breakfast - it's good fiber!
I don't drink soda (I drink tea if I go out)
I don't eat fries
I don't eat fried chicken
I drink lots of milk - that's my go-to snack.
I try to be good about eating fresh fruits & veggies
I try to limit stuff like Ice Cream
I try to be gentle with myself and not expect too much too quickly.
I try to take one step that will make a lasting change rather than focus on pounds lost per week.
I am still nursing, which burns a lot of calories.
I am still not yet thirty so it's still a lot easier for me to maintain a healthy weight.

Monday, July 23, 2012

White Balance

white balance DSC_0750
I'm working on writing the tutorial for week 4 of my basics of SLR photography e-class. The theme of this week is White Balance and I wanted to share a couple photos from the first time I wrote this class... I'll still use some of the same photos in my current class since I love how they turned out.


I set this white balance using the custom white balance or "pre" set white balance using a white card. Remembering to check your white balance when you set up your shoot, knowing which white balance pre-set or how to set a custom-set white balance is so important to getting a good shot strait out of camera. 

One of my favorite ways to set a white balance is by using the custom white balance. Here are the steps top setting a custom white balance:

  • Hold down the White Balance button on your camera and turn the command dial until you get to "PRE" those letters should start flashing.
  • Hold up a sheet of bright white paper in front of your camera. If you can fill the frame with white that is ideal. Snap your shutter. You should get a message that says "GOOD" 
  • If you get a "NO GOOD" message it is because your exposure is off. If you are way over exposed or way under exposed you can not set your custom white balance. Correct your exposure and try again. 
I explain all of the white balance settings in my class and will be explaining the Kelvin white balance in my advanced class which you can pre-register for today before prices go up August 1st. 

BTW the font I used on the before/after image is called Clementine Sketch

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