Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekend Reading

I haven't done one of these for awhile, but I have several links I've shared on Twitter & Facebook and wanted to post them here on my blog. I enjoy going back and looking at these posts now and then and rediscovering favorite blogs.

Confession: I love reading blogs, I can easily spend an entire morning or stay up until very late surfing blogs, catching up with friends and finding new ones. I especially love blogs about vintage thrifting. Even though I almost never thrift shop, I'm way to tight to go around spending gas, hauling my kids from place to place to maybe find something or maybe not. But I think it's amazing to find these little treasures and I love watching other people do it. So the other day when I found this blog it took me all of about five seconds before I started following them in just about every way possible. They have such a cute blog! It's called House of Humble and it's got thrifting, Instagrams, DIY ideas, Pinterest inspiration, eye candy galore! The photography is good and full of interesting places that I wish I could go and maybe one day will, just not pushing a stroller with five little people and their ten little arms twenty little fingers and the hurricane of chaos we bring with us.

Blogs I Heart

visit House of Humble

I discovered this blog about a week ago and I am in love! Her style of photography is nothing less than gorgeous. I adore her editing. If you like photography blogs (and don't get overwhelmed with jealousy whenever you visit a working photographer's blog) this is one to put near the very top of your list)

Posts to Read

I've tried to spend a little more time intreating on Twitter & Facebook lately and in doing so have come across some stellar posts this week! Here are a few I really enjoyed:

The best blog post I've read in a very long time by author and blogger Emily P. Freeman she is the author of Grace for the Good Girl which I've heard is a fantastic book and I really need to download the rest of it to my Kindle. I've really enjoyed her blog. She's doing a read-along online book discussion of her book which looks incredibly good.  

An idea for a last minute Father's Day gift + a code to print a FREE 8x10 at Walgreens written by my friend Sarah H and published on the newly re-designed Paper Heart Camera blog

A funny blog post about making mistakes and being a less-than-perfect mom.

A touching blog post about how our happiness touches others and the importance of sharing & community.

I don't usually share stuff from Real Simple since their posts are so freaking hard to navigate and are so impersonal but lately I read this one about 8 reasons why (some) women love to clean and I have to say that I found it very inspiring and surprisingly deep. 

Stuff on Pinterest

Source: via Faith on Pinterest

This one pin has currently got 473 re-pins. Pretty much every day I get an email saying that this pin has been re-pinned. Banana Pudding. Who knew?


  1. Love that blog. I'm finding myself falling in love with Aussie blogs of late. All their writing about winter is making me want to cuddle up under a blanket and sip hot chocolate! They are such a cute young couple. Thanks for pointing me to them.

  2. Who would ever think of Banana Pudding as a "Beauty Queen"? I have made it often for your Dad... but it rarely looked like that!!

  3. i LOVE Emily Freeman!!!! she is my favorite blogger!


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