Friday, June 1, 2012

Movie Night Recap: Man on a Ledge

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  Have you seen the trailer for Man on a Ledge? It's really well done and made me look forward to seeing this movie. However before I got the chance to watch it I was told the reviews were pretty poor, so I was expecting something lame, (remember our chat last week about expectations?) but surprisingly enough I wasn't disappointed with Man on a Ledge.

I was most engaged by the plot of the movie. Everything has another side to it and I was constantly wondering what was going to happen next and what was motivating the main character to do the things he was doing.

The characters are diverse and while a couple of them are rather cliche and underdeveloped the ones that count are solid, multidimensional characters and I was constantly looking for the backstory which, thankfully, was communicated without the use of flashbacks (I am not a fan) and seemed to me to provide pretty good motivation for these characters to all place themselves in extreme situations. There were lots of surprises, moments of humor and reminders not to take this movie too seriously.

I did want to mention that there is a girlfriend in this movie who is dressed immodestly for pretty much the entire movie. She is almost falling out of her tank top towards the beginning of the movie and near the end the movie shows her changing into a pants suit and shows her in her underwear. Some people might find these scenes offensive. I didn't think it was any more revealing or sexual than a Victoria Secret ad though.

Me: Generally enjoyed it
The Hubs: Only slept through part of it

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