Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Movie Night In : Safe House

If you are looking for a movie for date night this might be the one for you. Safe House is an action-packed thriller, heavy on action but without the stuff that is sometimes in guy-flicks that make me check-out.

The cast is stellar. Ryan Reynolds (loved him in The Proposal) does a brilliant job with his role in this movie and of course I love Denzel Washington. Isn't he amazing in everything he does? They played off of each other really well to create an intense and multifaceted drama within each character.

For me this movie had a lot more action in it than I expected. It seemed like one lethal fist fight, car chase and shoot-out after another. I got bored with it and because the action starts so soon in the movie, before we really get to know the characters, I found myself just not caring about what would happen next.

I had a general idea of how it would end and while there were a couple unexpected twists it does end pretty much right like I expected it to.

I expected this movie to be more mental and more emotional, from the previews I expected Denzel Washington's character to have a brilliant mind, always three steps ahead of everyone else. I didn't come away from the movie with that same feeling. Instead he seemed like just a guy with a lot of experience, out for himself. I also really wanted Ryan Reynolds to have a more emotional character and I wanted more at the beginning with his girlfriend. We all know he could have delivered. So I was a little underwhelmed with that side of the movie.

Overall I thought Safe House was good especially  if you're looking for something to watch with the guy in your life. If you can watch it at the discount theater I think it would be worth seeing on a big screen, or you can rent it on iTunes.

Me: Not blown away
The Hubs: Stayed awake through most of it 
but fell asleep in the middle and towards the end since he'd seen it already.  


  1. Looks interesting. I rarely go see movies in the theatre cuz its so expensive but we do like to rent them. It's hard to wait sometimes though. Haha.

  2. Great movie review! Yeah I keep meaning to see this! I love Ryan Reynolds!


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