Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Madness

Today was the first day we followed a more structured schedule. Well, more or less. We started half an hour late and I was totally unprepared so we had to swap some stuff round but we spent a lot less time watching TV and fighting and I spent a lot less time disciplining and a lot more time listening to reading and quizzing spelling words. Beth is a spelling wiz and even though I gave her a list one grade above her level she only missed two (and she can read at something like a twelfth grade level but still doesn't qualify for the gifted program? ) .  

I spent about twenty minutes whipping up this baby real quick using  a table in Word. We check off each thing that we do each day so I can see what is left at a glance. I'll be tweaking it next weekend but overall it's working. The reminders for chores are really helpful to me - "the bigs" (my oldest two) help clean up after breakfast and "the littles" (the next two) help clean up after lunch. I usually don't remember to make it that fair and just get whoever is nearest to help. 

Okay - so here are some websites I bookmarked for my kids to play during their educational computer time.

Fisher Price Online Games - great for the preK crowd. I especially like the Animal ABC game
Lego Online Games - just discovered this! I'm sure all of my kids will be spending time here. a great for the PreK -2nd grade crowd. There are tons of games but the Curious George set of games is our favorites.
Funbrain Playground builds mouse skills for little ones, there are also activities for older kids but my kids usually either get frustrated or bored with them.   
MacGraw-Hill Language Arts Grades K-5
MacGraw Hill Math Grades PreK-6 math activities PreK-8th grade
Spelling Lists 300 word list + 100 word spelling bee lists by grade 
K12 Reading & Spelling List + dolche & frye sight word lists, master spelling lists & dictation sentences, grammar worksheets & reading comprehension print-outs (1st grade - 5th grade)
Grammar Practice Park - online grammar activities from Harcourt publishing
Read Write Think K-12 grade writing ideas & printables 

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  1. wow, those sites would surely be of help to my kiddos...I think I need to make a schedule for them at home too...I have two little men and sometimes I get crazy over them and feel as though I have ten instead of just two...


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