Friday, June 8, 2012

a little demonstration of aperture, zoom & depth of field

I created these for the class I've been re-writing lately. I really enjoy shooting these, they are simple yet still quite challenging.

demonstration of aperture + DOF
So the point if this image is to illustrate the effect of aperture on depth of field. The wider (lower number) the aperture the shallower the depth of field which is what creates the blurred background. A narrow aperture creates a deep depth of field which is less great for beautiful blurry backgrounds but very good for capturing detail. Even fancier point-and-shoot cameras have aperture priority controls, do try them out sometime! It's really fun.

I'm really looking forward to working more with this for intentional depth of field practice in my Advanced SLR e-class. 

I also created these images to demonstrate how my zoom lenses work:

lens demonstration mm lens demonstration200

One thing that is important to notice is that in the typical zoom lens the max aperture narrows as you zoom in - so the widest I can set my aperture with my lens zoomed all the way out to 18mm is f/3.5 but it narrows as I zoom in until the widest I can set my aperture (at 55mm) is f/5.6. When I'm shooting indoors I almost always keep my lens at 18mm (or maybe zoom in to 35mm) I almost never zoom in all the way to 55mm indoors. I can crop later and if I need the zoom I use my macro filter.  Here is another demonstration:
lens demonstration2
they are some of my recent favorites!

Be sure to also check out:

Tomorrow I'll be posting more hydrangea photos  I hope you come back to see them.

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  1. my camera is calling to me.....
    but I have to go to work all day today!!

    I think my "point & shoot" does have some aperture settings!


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