Monday, June 11, 2012

Good Monday Morning


Good morning!

I hope that you had a good weekend.

We have been having one of those Daddy-has-to-work kind of weekends.

We have been getting all of the laundry folded and put away and the house clean.

It feels so good to finally get all of that done.

Today is Eli's day of tests at the hospital. He was born with hydronephrosis and has to have regular visits to the nephrologist and urologist. It's been six months since we've seen them last and I'm optimistic that we'll have a good visit. So far Eli hasn't needed surgery or medicine. Thankfully he hasn't had any infections or really any problems at all. Just lots of tests. But every test has come back with good results.

Josiah is a cartwheeling master. Yesterday he was talking about how he is the only one in the family who can complete a cartwheel so I did one. Right in the living room. I haven't done one in years and I wasn't sure I could do it - but I did. It was awesome.

Two times this week I've been asked if I'm pregnant again - which I find hilarious. I'm one of those uber-blessed women who don't go back to regular cycles while I'm nursing and I'll be nursing Eli for at least the entire first year.

Remember last week when I posted the link to the recipe I wanted to try? I made it and it was excellent. Not to mention it was uber-easy to make. I wrapped it up in a tortilla. It made tons. Definitely one for the regular rotation.

DSC_5169 copy

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  1. Hopefully all the tests will be fine! It cracks me up that there are what appear to be crumbs on your phone! Oh, the life of a mom! Happy, Monday!


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