Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Eli's day at the hospital

Getting ready for our day!
I mentioned yesterday that Eli had his follow-up tests at the hospital for hydronephrosis. He had an ultrasound and follow-up visits with his two specialists. 

Grammy (Daniel's mom) came and spent the day with the big kids so it could be just a baby-and-me day at the hospital.

I painted my nails while Eli took his bath
Here is Eli waiting for his ultrasound
He was calm and docile pretty much all day!
Waiting to see Dr. D - his urologist
Look at the eyelashes on this boy! He is one cute little guy.
I came prepared!
These are SO good!!
I don't know why they even bother to make regular snickers bars anymore
Eli was making faces and babbling in the waiting area :)
He made a face just as I was taking this photo
he loved laying on these tables!
At the nephrologist's office waiting to get blood drawn
After he got blood drawn I nursed him and he fell asleep
now we wait for him to give us a urine specimen
At 3pm we were finally done and ready to go home!
At home, taking an after-dinner bath
 The results of his ultrasound showed that his kidneys are both growing. His effected kidney has grown less than his normal kidney but it's still growing so that is positive. I was hoping they would tell me that Eli is starting to grow out of this but so far he still has stage 3 hydronephrosis and megaurater on the left side. We're waiting to hear the results of the blood work - that will probably come next week sometime - which will show if his kidneys are still functioning properly. Last time those test results were positive so I'm not worried about that. He'll go back every six months to have his kidneys scanned and go back every twelve months for blood work to test kidney function.

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  1. He IS such a cute boy! Glad everything is okay so far. Praying for good blood work results. Looks like he was a trouper!

  2. Oh gosh - that sounds like it could be painful when I Looked it up (Since I wasn't sure what his condition was) - but at least he can grow out of it - it has to be hard seeing your son go through this stuff- but it does look like the doctors office is comfortable for him - that's probably half of it is being scared there for him. Glad to hear his kidney is growing - that sounds positive to me! :)

  3. I felt so bad for him laying there. What a brave boy! so glad for the good news!

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