Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another edition of What I Wore Wednesday

Skirt:Old Navy & Tee: Target
I just love wearing this skirt! I got it from Old Navy before Eli was born. I was looking for something comfy I could wear postpartum. I LOVE it. I see people with similar skirts everywhere. I really want to get a mustard colored top to go with it but haven't found anything I love enough (or that fits well enough) to buy. So my navy tee from Target will have to do for today.

I don't have too many outfits for this week's post. This has been kind of a stay in my pajamas kind of week.

Here is what I wore to church on Sunday. I am still not 100% comfortable wearing this dress, even though I saw someone wearing the exact same dress on Sunday and she looked so cute! I really like the sweater with the dress I feel a little less worried and more covered-up.

I know that this outfit could have used some more accessories but since I have a baby on my hip (like 24/7) necklaces and dangly earrings are just not a good idea for me.  I keep reminding myself to not worry about the little things that make this season difficult - I'll miss it so much when Eli is bigger. So I just try to soak in those sweet baby snuggles and enjoy this time as much as I can for the sake of my future-self, who I know will miss this so very much. I don't want to remember this year as full of worry about how pouchy my tummy still is or how floppy my arms are, I don't want to remember this season as one of being stressed-out and frazzled and constantly obsessed about what I lack. The first time around I remember feeling so much guilt. I constantly felt like I somehow ought to be able to get more done and be more together. What I love about that season is when I just let it be and enjoyed the moment. Enjoyed reading to my little girls, who are now reading to themselves! Enjoyed the silly music and the time outside. Enjoyed the dress-up and the silliness.  I wish I had enjoyed the simplicity of that season more so I'm trying to do that now that I get another chance at going through the baby stage again.

and here is one of my middle daughter, Emma looking adorable as always

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  1. Oh, I just want to say: Yes, soak up all the babyness you can! You won't remember what you wore or what you looked like, but you will remember that sweet baby smell and what it felt like to have that warm bundle in your (maybe less than toned) arms. I so wish I'd had more of those moments.


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