Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I REALLY wore... um, recently

I haven't purchased anything new since the last time I blogged about what I've worn. I wandered around Target for a little while with my boys on Friday but I didn't see anything worth getting. I wandered around Forever 21 at the mall while the kiddos got Dairy Queen soft serve with the hubs over the weekend but didn't feel like paying twenty bucks for one flimsy top, though I do love all the lace and pretty patterns and colors there. I'm thinking I'm going to need to try a different store.

I haven't done too well in actually getting dressed every day either... I took a couple snaps during the last week or so...

My jeans are getting too big - a nice problem to have (thanks to my baby still nursing), but I'm not a huge fan of shopping for jeans. It's always such an up-and-down feeling. So many don't fit right. WAY too long for my short little legs or way to tight on my, um... curvy parts. Thankfully there's a decent second-hand store nearby that I'll be able to go to and won't have to spend an arm and a leg to get a decent pair.

Photo below is courtesy of my four year old. Who thought it was very cool to be allowed to use Mama's iPhone. I like the rolled-jean with flip-flops look, as you can see... man, I am so short. Not sure these pants do anything to help that. I did wear a skirt a couple days last week - during the heat wave. But I forgot to take any pictures. What do you think would look good for a short person during the summer?


  1. Hey, you're not that short- you're just right! I bet you would look good in tighter jeans, maybe some Capris that show off your long calf. I also think you look really cute in skirts, especially with that adorable, short haircut! :)

  2. How short are you? I'm only 5'2" and I often have problems finding stuff that's the right length for me. If I wear a skirt or dress the longest I can wear it is mid-calf. Usually I keep them about knee length though. But what's really frustrating, I can't wear petites or short length pants, they are too short and the regulars are slightly too long!

  3. I have read that capris make short people look shorter, but I am no expert. Most capris fit me like pants anyhow! I tend to pick something that is comfortable.

    Skirts are comfortable and look nice too. I love flowy long skirts out of lightweight fun fabrics.

    I need to get some jeans that fit. I bought some new jeans a while back when my old ones were not only too loose but also had a hole in the knee. Those are too loose now as well, which is kind of a good "problem" to have, but I wish brands were more consistent in sizing. One brand's "size 12" may be way too small, but another brand, same size same "cut" designation is way too big!

    By the time I've tried on six pairs of jeans and none of them fit the baby is crying, I feel like crying too, and I end up just wanting to go home and eat Ben & Jerry's until my old jeans fit better. Ha!

    Here's wishing us both good experiences shopping in future.

  4. Now y'all know why I did so much sewing of your clothing as children! Nothing ever fit right, was poorly made AND cost too much for a limited budget! Jeans are difficult to fit (and a little tricky to make).

  5. as a short person myself.... capri's DO make us look shorter. Generally speaking shorter skirts (right at night or right above knee) are the best.... and shorts! not long shorts but "" shorts are the best to make us LOOK LIKE we have longer legs than we actually do. Usually around July/August and January are the best times to find killer deals like at Kohls, Department stores, Gap etc.... they're better than going to second hand shops... the only "downer" is you're buying clothes that are going out of season... but you SAVE a ton, get good quality stuff, and it's NEW. This kind of shopping works well for me because seasons in Argentina are the it's the RIGHT season.
    THe same goes for children's stuff... my sister or mom have bought things from Gymberee or Gap or Kohls and Target of dollars and on occassion cents! Shop the outlets too... you have great ones right there in Georgia... but you kinda have to take a day to do it.


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