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Summer Survival: TV series

If this is the first time you have seen this series click here to get all of the posts tagged summer survival to see my posts on planning, books & movies. Next week I'll be writing about educational websites, iPad apps and start getting into lists of activities... but today is about TV.

Summer Survival
It seems to me like it's feast or famine with TV during the summer - there's either so much on that I want to watch that there is no way that I could keep up, or there's nothing good on to watch at all. So this summer I'm not going to worry about TV schedules (with one or two exceptions that I'll mention a later) and just watch TV on demand. There are so many great ways to watch TV series no - you can watch them through, iTunes, Hulu, rent them from the video store, check them out from the Library I think you can even watch them on Netflix... when there's no money (or time) to go to the Movie theater, this is a great way to go.

I really enjoy watching TV series on DVD. The first time we ever did that was when we had a Blockbuster summer pass. Oh my goodness- the hubs and I stayed up until 2am watching every season of 24 we could get our hands on. Now that is the way to watch a series.

Here are a few recommendations of shows I've enjoyed that you can get on demand or on DVD but I'd LOVE to hear what you've been watching lately.

TV shows from a couple years ago...

Doll House: very cool plot, really good acting, well produced. I especially enjoyed Season 2. The plot - the plot! One of the best.
Damages: I only saw season 1 but it was spectacular. There were one or two episodes that I didn't care for but overall a really good show.
Terminator: such a well-done series. Loved it. So did the hubs.
Flash Forward: - I really wish this had gone into additional seasons. The cast is excellent, the plot is so cool. Really well done, engaging series.

TV shows that are currently running but have past seasons you could watch...

Fairly Legal - is currently in it's 2nd season, I believe and I have been really enjoying it. It's one of my favorite shows this year. The characters are stellar, the plots are pretty good, the relationships between the characters are evolving in a way that keep me coming back every week. One of the things I like about this show is that it has less offensive/mature material, for me that's a big plus.
Flashpoint - I think it's still running. It's one of those police style shows, this one has a lot of heart.
The Mentalist - Brilliant. And there's nothing left to say about that (it's police/crime as well).
Castle - really enjoy this mystery/crime/police show as well. The main character is a really good actor.
Hawaii Five-O - another police show, this one is one of the best (in my opinion) right up there with NCIS. I watch it with the hubs. This season hasn't been my favorite. The first season with this cast was amazing.
Bones - I've been a fan of this show for years not really into this season though. Past two or three seasons have been awesome.
House - if you're into medical shows this one is the best of that genre (at least I think so). Every season has something new to offer. I think this show is best watched on DVD because the past themes are the ones that run throughout the entire season. I was going to try to tell you which season was my favorite, but as I was thinking about it they have all been really good.

New Shows that I've enjoyed this season

Awake - this is a new show and it is brilliant. The guy goes to sleep in one reality and wakes up in another. I've loved it. There were one or two episodes in the middle that were a little boring but as this season is winding down it is getting really interesting.
Smash - the show is about a musical that is in the process of being produced. Really like the cast of this show. The finale was this week but I'm still catching up on demand so if you watched it don't tell me how it ended!!

Shows I'll be watching this summer

So You Think You Can Dance - I love love love this show!!! I can not wait for the premier.
America's Got Talent - I'll be watching this show with the hubs. I'm not a huge fan but there are epic moments like this one with William's Earth Harp that are just epic (and I just watched THIS clip from Tuesday's show we'll be watching on demand later.
I might also watch Hells Kitchen & Masterchef both with Gordon Ramsey.
I enjoyed watching the last few episodes of In plain Sight - I might go back and watch previous seasons of that. And I'll probably get sucked into Suits. I've been watching the re-runs on Friday nights and I'm kinda' hooked.

Confession: I will probably also be watching re-runs of How I Met Your Mother & Big Bang Theory because even though they are so dumb they are also just the thing you want to watch at the end of an awful day.

What about you? Got any suggestions? C'mon tell me honestly. What have you been watching?

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  1. I've watched most of Once Upon A Time, and a few of Grimm. Some of them are cheesy, but hey! I grew up on 1970-80s Doctor Who. Cheesy is OK with me! Speaking of Doctor Who, if you haven't seen any of the new series episodes, they're very good. Much better effects than the old series, but still mostly well-written with catchy dialogue and fun characters.

    We also enjoy Shark Tank and Kitchen Nightmares. Shark Tank has some interesting inventions on it, and Kitchen Nightmares is a good reminder to clean your kitchen on a regular basis. Not that I ever need motivation to clean... hee hee!

    We loved Doll House too, it was a really interesting premise and the characters were fascinating. We don't have cable TV anymore, just internet, so we just watch what's available on Hulu.


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