Monday, May 14, 2012

Summer survival: let the countdown begin!


Today is the very last Monday of school.

The last week of spending the majority of my day with just the two boys. I can not wrap my mind around how quickly summer vacation is approaching. The kids are talking about it all the time now - they are excited about the homeschool activities I've been talking about. They are really excited about the idea of earning some money over the summer. To be honest, I'm terrified. Next week it's going to be a lot of disciplining, a lot of fighting, a lot of whining as we transition to summer schedule. It'll get better but first it will get worse. A lot worse. Because five whiney bored kids is pretty much hell.

So the plan this summer is to have a plan. I shared some printable planner pages to help with this and wrote about the importance of routine. The rest of this week I'll continue sharing tips & ideas for summer - I hope you'll leave a comment with some of your favorite activities too!  

Summer Survival

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