Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Summer Survival Day 1: a plan is hatched


Summer is right around the corner.

I can tell by the way my kids breeze through the door, the way they exclaim with delight "no homework today!" that they are not accomplishing terribly much at school these days. Tests are over, re-tests will be happening soon for those who need it. School is winding down. Summer will be here before I know it.

I checked the calendar on my phone the other day and I saw the note for that day written all in caps "LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!" I don't remember exactly how I felt when I wrote that note to myself. Did I think I'd somehow forget? That I'd burst from my bed at the butt-crack of dawn, wake up the house and get my girls ready to meet a bus that wouldn't be coming?  Did I imagine myself packing the van and making a bee-line to the beach as soon as the last school bell rings?

Summer is coming.

I will have five kids at home 24/7 three of which are used to having a highly structured day, surrounded by peers - none of which are their siblings. Do I feel a touch of panic? I'm not going to lie. It's there. I remember the transition from school schedule to summer schedule. It wasn't fun. There was a lot of fighting, a lot of crying and a little bit of mom-is-about-to-loose it.

I've been thinking for the last month or so about what I want this summer to be like but now we've hit rubber-meets-the-road time. So the other day I got out my handy-dandy notebook and started scribbling and I might not have ideas for 104 days of summer vacation  but I had a lot more than I thought. So obviously, I have to blog about it! During the next month I will blog just as many tips, tricks, tutorials, printables and links as I possibly can to get us both through the best/worst of times: summer. (BTW if you're interested in contributing to this series let me know! I'd love to hear your recipes, tutorials & favorite activities for summertime)

Summer Survival
My #1 summer survival tip is: make a plan

I print out a calendar, usually week by week - there are pre-formatted templates in most word processing programs or you can print out a calendar from Google Calendar but next week I'll share some free printable goodness I recently discovered. Each week's activities are written down so that each day has at least one activity - one day might be puzzle day (with a new puzzle or two from the dollar store) another might be our day to go to the library or park and the plan is posted on the fridge. If I make a plan and stick to it - it'll give my kids something to look forward to and we'll have less of those awkward "what do you want to do today" moments.

Tomorrow I'll mention some of the things that I put on this plan... so stay tuned!


  1. Wonderful Idea! you must have got the "plan it" gene from your DAD.... 'cause it wasn't me! Ha!

  2. Faith one of my tip for the holidays is to give the kids a few days at grandmas ( I am lucky cause my parents live at the beach) I find it gives everyone a breather. It is a bit different for us here in Australia cause our summer holidays are always broken up with Christmas and New year, so the first part of the holidays always entail getting ready for christmas. After all that has hit then the holidays really sink in then it is time to plan. We try to fit in Camping before school goes back. Lots of play dates. I have also put places in a jar and we have picked one out that morning that is an out day. Anyway enjoy your summer - I am looking forward to ours in 6 months!


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