Monday, May 21, 2012

A reminder about mentoring...

If you've been thinking about taking your photography to the next level I would love to partner with you for my June mentoring session. I have been enjoying this month's session  so very much and would like to line up the next month or two of mentoring sessions. I've been reviewing galleries and leaving loads of comments, helping my current student take her photography sessions to the next level. If you need an eye, or an ear - my "door" is open. A website review/portfolio review is only twenty-five dollars, if you haven't set up your site yet and need help setting up your photography blog or website I'm available to help with that as well.  
Option 1 - full month of mentoring includes a full review of your website and a few of your sessions, up to four video chats (if you'd like) e-mails nearly every day plus I'll share tutorials that I've written for my classes and give assignments specific to what you need help with to help you grow your skills and confidence.

Option 2 - two weeks of mentoring, up to two video chats, website review, tutorials & assignments

Option 3 - one week of mentoring, website review, one video chat, tutorials, no assignments.

Option 4 - website review only.  


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