Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eli: 10 months

I got my big girl camera out to take some photos of Eli yesterday. Can you believe he is 10 months already?! He can say Mama & Dada as well as a few other noises like "ba" and "ga" that don't mean much of anything, though sometimes I think he's saying "good". He can sign "eat" and kinda sign "drink" he loves sucking on crushed ice. I can see he really wants to eat our food but he hasn't liked much that I've given him. He spits out avocado, he puts his fingers in his mouth and picks out bananas, he likes over-ripe pear and he ate a bite of ripe peaches. He likes those little toddler puffs, especially the sweet potato flavor, and he eats lots of cheerios every day. He can clap his hands and snap his fingers, he can stand and step if he's holding something and he's taken one step one or two times. I am pretty confident he'll be walking around a year! Of course he puts everything in his mouth! His eyes have stayed beautiful blue. He is really expressive and affectionate. 

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