Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another What I Wore Wednesday

I'm sick today so will most likely be in my jammies all day but here are my outfits for the last couple weeks:

I had one good outfit day that I caught on my camera phone. I even moved the mirror to a better place and look - even a made bed in the background! This is the outfit I wore on my kid's last day of school and my last morning of errands without all of the kids.  I even fixed my hair and put on make up! That was a high point for the last couple of weeks. As you can tell I've been wearing this blue t-shirt and scarf a lot lately!


I bought this awesome color of nail polish! I wore it for about half the week last week. I noticed how many things in my house have this same color - especially when I was nursing in my green chair.


Here are a couple outfits from the last couple days. Taken by my big kids on my cell phone.
I still haven't made it out to buy a pair of jeans that actually fit so I've been wearing these old pre-pregnancy jeans that are a little worn at the knee but fit better at the waist. That Pepsi shirt is actually from the men's section at Target and I have two similar t-shirts. I wanted something big to wear after the baby - and 10 months later I'm still wearing it! But mostly just around the house. The black shirt has a cool scene on it with a moon and tree and birds but you can't see it in this photo.


I've had a lot more days that look more like this:
Untitled Untitled

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  1. Isn't it amazing what a scarf can do to add color and dress up a t-shirt? Really cute.

  2. You are just ADORABLE! You certainly don't look like you had a baby 10 months ago!

  3. I love your green nail polish! I just painted my toes orange and, like you, I've been noticing the same color all over my home and wardrobe. You are cute as can be in whatever you wear; I especially love that scarf on you, blue is your color!

  4. Love the blue! AND the Pepsi shirt :)

  5. LOVE the polish...and those sweet pics of little baby fingers and toes. makes me miss my son even though he is just sleeping in the next room! awwwww

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  6. My computer is loving your new layout - it's moving much more easliy on my screen and not locking up.

    I have not lost my prepreg weight and actually have gained some :(. My outfits are pretty repetitive. You are inspiring me to "do better".

  7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! It is all fabulous! And your flowers are gorgeous!

    I would absolutely LOVE to have you link this up on my Casual Friday link up party starting tomorrow, it would be perfect!



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