Friday, April 20, 2012

Some days need an intervention

Some days are better than others. Today it was particularly less better than the rest. It's been grayish and cold and wet for the last few days. I was sitting on the couch at home, holding the baby, fussing at big brother, feeling like I'm about to loose my mind. I can't seem to get anything done! Then I say "how about we go out?" I quickly throw on something other than my pajamas, big brother slips on his crocs and we are out the door. We head someplace where I can get by with only the couple bucks (mostly in change) that are left at the end of the pay period. I shell out a buck and change for a large sweet tea and with the promise of a cookie before we leave big brother plays with other kids his age and he has a blast. I sit and enjoy a few peaceful moments reading an ebook I downloaded from Kelly Rae Roberts on the Kindle app on my iPhone. The baby starts to cry so I hold him while I read and give big brother a five minute warning. It's not very productive time but I feel a little less insane right now. A little less likely to explode. I brows Instagram on the wifi (I'm completely obsessed) and see photos of other moms with their coffee and their babies and I feel a little less alone. The baby starts to smile and coo, big brother sits down across from me and says "You're the best mom ever".


  1. Oh man do I get it and my soon-to-be newborn is sill baking.

    All our McDonalds took away their playspaces... we are left with chick-fil-a and they don't have dollar menu.

  2. I'm going to have to give in and take Pookah to the playspace in our neighborhood!


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