Friday, April 6, 2012

My adventure in grass cutting - Part 2

(or what we were paying our landscaper it wasn't enough!)
cutting my grass
This morning was unseasonably cool so I thought I'd try mowing the grass again. You can read part 1 of this saga here - where I decided to take over the yard maintenance this season, bought a manual powered reel mower and went through the nightmare of trying to mow my grass with it for the first time.

First I tried to cut the front yard on too short of a setting - again.  So the grass is still uneven. However this time worked a lot better than the last time, that's for sure. I even mowed this grass with my baby in my sling and he fell asleep, but we are still a long way from blissful. The holy terror of a mower is nicer than a loud stinky gas mower but still really hard to push. 
Next I tackled the side yard (sidebar: our lot was so poorly developed that our landlord - and a bunch of other homeowners in our neighborhood - actually sued the developer and won. The result for us though is some terrible drainage in certain parts of our yard) it has been raining here for the last couple of days so it was pretty wet so that part was just awful and as I slogged through the mud, in my flip-flops, just waiting for some sort of infectious-deasease-carrying awfulness to jump up from the mud and bite me I kept thinking whatever we were paying the guys who cut our grass last season - it wasn't enough. 

Then the clouds began to part, the birds began to sing as I started mowing the other side yard. I figured out that I needed to cut it on the highest setting and the mowing was easy as can be. The mower zipped through the rows and I had green glorious gorgeous freshly mown grass. I'm pretty determined to keep up with this and am confident that it will get easier the more I do it.
The offer - I was kind of expecting it. The same thing happened to my dad when he had a manual push mower. The neighbor, this sweet older guy, offered to let me use his gas mower. I told him I like the quiet and I like the workout. He said it would work me to death - yeah, he might be right. But I felt really balanced doing this kind of physical work. I need something like this in my life to help keep my hormones even and my depression as far away as possible. 

So anyway - the older kids are still home (all day) on spring break still. I took them to see their cousins and get some quality face time with my sisters earlier this week and will post some pics of that tomorrow. In the mean-time this is what the kids do with their brother's hair while they are bored. He doesn't seem to mind.


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  1. Adventures in grass mowing - no thank you!

    I LOVE that pic of Eli! He has the best smile!


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