Monday, April 30, 2012

Announcing the summer session of photography classes!

I am so happy to announce that I've finally nailed down a schedule for my summer session of photography classes. I've decided to break up my previous materials into smaller pieces so that it's low-stress and easy to complete even with our crazy-lives.

Never taken one of my photography classes before? My classes are written for busy moms with a lot going on - there are no specific times that you have to log on, some of my classes don't require any specific camera or equipment, but they are written with those of you in mind who hope to make a career out of photography at some point in the future. Tutorials are emailed in a pdf for you to keep and read when you have a few minutes. I take you step by step through each lesson with lots of pictures and an assignment to help you practice what you've learned! For most classes, once you've completed your assignment simply upload your photos to Flickr and add them to my class group where I'll leave some constructive criticism. For my summer session I've made it even easier to participate by adding mobile options for each summer session e-class.

summer mini-session part 1
June 2012

I've developed this class to be so easy you can complete it with just your smart-phone's camera! I'll teach you how to pay attention to light and a few fundamental principles of photography that will change the way you take pictures for the rest of your life - no matter what camera you have in your hand. Use whatever camera you have - no special equipment required.  Practice the principles as you move through your day! Post to Twitter or Instagram with the class hashtag if you'd like. Or use the class to improve your SLR photography and post your photos to my Flickr group for a discussion of camera settings - especially focused on aperture, ISO & white balance (and I guess we can talk about shutter too).
Registration is $30 for one session or $80 for all three parts and includes 4 emailed tutorials. Special discount available for previous students - please send me an email for details.

summer mini-session part 2
July 2012

Take a little time this summer to nurture your creativity with this class. Use whatever camera you have to break out of the box and take more creative photographs. Use your smart phone camera to post your images to Twitter or Instagram with the class hashtag or pick up our big girl camera and load your photos to my Flickr Group where we'll discuss perspective, focus & crop. I'll also be available to answer questions about camera settings (and I'll teach you how to use settings like focus lock and spot metering.
Registration is $30 for one session or $80 for all three parts and includes 4 emailed tutorials.Special discount available for previous students - please send me an email for details.

summer mini-session part 3
August 2012

Take the next step with your photography with technical assignments to improve your awareness of light, shadows and principles of composition. I'll teach you how to fine-tune, tweak and improve your photography. One simple assignment each week will take your photography to the next level.  Complete the assignments on your smart phone or pick up your big girl camera and we'll talk about fine-tuning you settings to get just the right exposure.
Registration is $30 for one session or $80 for all three parts and includes 4 emailed tutorials. Special discount available for previous students - please send me an email for details.

summer mini sessions

Thursday, April 26, 2012


some days just need a reminder... there is grace enough for this day

this stress

this noise

this interruption

this sadness

this bad news

this heartache

when the voice on the phone is saying words you can barely believe

when the hurt behind the text message brings up old wounds

when the pain behind an image and simple caption breaks your heart

when the exhaustion of day upon day weighs you down

so heavy you can barely breath

there is grace

for this moment

and this grace in this moment

is enough

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


still working on photography class schedules for the rest of the year

still thinking about what I can realistically expect to accomplish

still wondering where to go from here

still trying to find the time to do anything work/blog/photography-related

in the meantime

 I'm enjoying taking walks with my boys
(they are getting so big!)

and enjoying the sunshine before it gets unbearably hot

I started knitting again 

while my boys play with cars in the bathtub

so far I've only been knitting fingerless gloves

and so now my darling girls want me to teach them too

which I love

Sunday, April 22, 2012

since when...

since when did our house become the neighborhood hang out?

lately the boy from down the street has come over to play almost every day after school and our newest neighbors have come over too - that makes nine kids all in my backyard.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Some days need an intervention

Some days are better than others. Today it was particularly less better than the rest. It's been grayish and cold and wet for the last few days. I was sitting on the couch at home, holding the baby, fussing at big brother, feeling like I'm about to loose my mind. I can't seem to get anything done! Then I say "how about we go out?" I quickly throw on something other than my pajamas, big brother slips on his crocs and we are out the door. We head someplace where I can get by with only the couple bucks (mostly in change) that are left at the end of the pay period. I shell out a buck and change for a large sweet tea and with the promise of a cookie before we leave big brother plays with other kids his age and he has a blast. I sit and enjoy a few peaceful moments reading an ebook I downloaded from Kelly Rae Roberts on the Kindle app on my iPhone. The baby starts to cry so I hold him while I read and give big brother a five minute warning. It's not very productive time but I feel a little less insane right now. A little less likely to explode. I brows Instagram on the wifi (I'm completely obsessed) and see photos of other moms with their coffee and their babies and I feel a little less alone. The baby starts to smile and coo, big brother sits down across from me and says "You're the best mom ever".

more photos from Phinizy swamp

I found some more photos from our afternoon at Phinizy swamp, like I mentioned in my last post about our visit to the swamp - these are all on from my iPhone (and processed using Instagram) 


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

at the swamp on a Sunday afternoon

Last week the hubs finished up a big project and work and was gone a lot so over the weekend he wanted to take us someplace to enjoy being together. One of the guys on his crew told him about this swamp and nature preserve right around the corner from us so we thought we'd give it a try. I only had my iPhone with me (won't make that mistake again!) but it was too beautiful to not photograph. 
we don't get to see wide open spaces like this often in Georgia 

Phinizy swamp pics

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hello from under this rock

I'm not a huge fan of those "I'm still here" posts or starting off a post with an apology but apparently I've been hiding under a rock for the last few weeks... quietly making my way teaching through my latest photography class, going through the routine of life with baby. And I've missed you. 

I've noticed in my life there are often seasons - I call them "root growing" seasons because I feel completely hidden, buried away underground, and I have all these thoughts and  ideas mulling around. It's hard to even write them down or talk about them, they're just growing slowly, quietly.  Later comes a spring season where everything starts bursting out. 

I can feel the seasons are starting to change... I can feel the ideas are ready to start flowing out again. I am working on organizing my home and my schedule so that I can blog more and promote my classes again. I've got some exciting new things coming your way!  I've been reading again this week. Oh I forgot how much I've missed reading - I don't think I've read a book in the last eight months! I've got a great e-book from Kelly Rae Roberts that I've been reading slowly and loving every moment of it! 

So while things are still quiet right now it won't be for too much longer...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pics from our spring break trip

I took the kids to Atlanta for a couple days... it was exhausting but great to see everyone again.
on the way to visit my family in Atlanta
On the road to visit my family in Atlanta
so thankful for cruise control
I am so thankful for air conditioning, happy music and cruise control
asleep after the zoo
Josiah fell asleep after visiting the zoo with his cousins
what am I doing in the car again?
What am I doing in the car again?
It's a three-hour drive one way. stressful!
Renting a happy movie, singing happy songs

So happy to be home

Friday, April 6, 2012

My adventure in grass cutting - Part 2

(or what we were paying our landscaper it wasn't enough!)
cutting my grass
This morning was unseasonably cool so I thought I'd try mowing the grass again. You can read part 1 of this saga here - where I decided to take over the yard maintenance this season, bought a manual powered reel mower and went through the nightmare of trying to mow my grass with it for the first time.

First I tried to cut the front yard on too short of a setting - again.  So the grass is still uneven. However this time worked a lot better than the last time, that's for sure. I even mowed this grass with my baby in my sling and he fell asleep, but we are still a long way from blissful. The holy terror of a mower is nicer than a loud stinky gas mower but still really hard to push. 
Next I tackled the side yard (sidebar: our lot was so poorly developed that our landlord - and a bunch of other homeowners in our neighborhood - actually sued the developer and won. The result for us though is some terrible drainage in certain parts of our yard) it has been raining here for the last couple of days so it was pretty wet so that part was just awful and as I slogged through the mud, in my flip-flops, just waiting for some sort of infectious-deasease-carrying awfulness to jump up from the mud and bite me I kept thinking whatever we were paying the guys who cut our grass last season - it wasn't enough. 

Then the clouds began to part, the birds began to sing as I started mowing the other side yard. I figured out that I needed to cut it on the highest setting and the mowing was easy as can be. The mower zipped through the rows and I had green glorious gorgeous freshly mown grass. I'm pretty determined to keep up with this and am confident that it will get easier the more I do it.
The offer - I was kind of expecting it. The same thing happened to my dad when he had a manual push mower. The neighbor, this sweet older guy, offered to let me use his gas mower. I told him I like the quiet and I like the workout. He said it would work me to death - yeah, he might be right. But I felt really balanced doing this kind of physical work. I need something like this in my life to help keep my hormones even and my depression as far away as possible. 

So anyway - the older kids are still home (all day) on spring break still. I took them to see their cousins and get some quality face time with my sisters earlier this week and will post some pics of that tomorrow. In the mean-time this is what the kids do with their brother's hair while they are bored. He doesn't seem to mind.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Another Monday, another cup of coffee

Good Monday morning. 

I stayed up way too late last night watching a movie with the hubs. 

The kids have the day off school but they were up early anyway! 

There are a couple spots open so it's not too late to join! 

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