Thursday, March 15, 2012

spring has sprung... and my sweeties

Spring has sprung here in Georgia! The flowers are blooming and I've seem bulb flowers peeking up here and there. The down side is that seasonal allergies are starting to flare up and my van is slowly  being covered with a thick coat of yellow pollen (ew!) We just turned out clocks forward for Daylight Savings Time (I am so not a fan of time changes) loosing an hour in the morning has majorly messed me up. We missed the bus twice this week! I am so ready for spring break.

On the home front - Eli has learned to crawl! He's not a full hands-and-knees crawler yet, but he can scoot mighty-fast. He has already mastered the art of turning the Xbox on and off and opening the disc tray. Oh joy. Not even eight months and he's already trying to play video games (ha)

Josiah has also stepped up his homeschooling work. We've started doing a few pages in his workbooks every week, we're practicing writing and reading and I'm really happy with his progress. He's only 4 so there's no pressure. We work on this stuff mostly just to give him something stimulating to do. Because of his late birthday he still has an entire year left before he can go to school - but I'd rather he go later than earlier. Boys can have such a hard time with the sitting-still and staying on task thing.

The girls are doing well in school too - Katie-Abigail has had that "aha" moment with reading and writing when  it's not constantly a struggle for her. Emma just finished a project on Cesar Chavez - I'll have to post a video f her practicing her presentation - this girl has mad public speaking skills. Beth is in love with mythology, especially Egyptian & Greek, it's been really entertaining hearing her talk about Greek gods & goddesses in the present tense. She loved the Percy Jackson series of books, I think that's what got her interested in it.


  1. Wow, I can't believe Eli is already scootin' around and "playing" with video games! Adorable pictures of both.

  2. I love this last photo of "little man", you got such a nice, natural smile from him! I can almost hear him saying "are we done now?"

  3. Love this little guy, he's such a cutie!

  4. great blog! You have lots of wonderful ideas!


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