Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Photography link-up: comfort

I had such grand aspirations for today's post. One of which was getting it up before noon. I ended up taking Eli in to see his doctor yesterday which turned out to be a very good thing. Thanks to his new meds we got a full night of much-needed sleep. But no photos. So my photo for today, humble though it be, is of one of my favorite comfort foods - the PB&J cut diagonally. They're my favorite. And my kid's too - if peanut butter and jelly is on the menu that is what they want! 

Grab my button and post it in your sidebar or in your post (a text link back is fine too) and link up your photos!! You can stick to the theme or just link up your latest photos! Thanks for your participation. Can't wait to see your photos. 

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  1. Glad you got some sleep! I know how tough it is to be up with a baby all night. It's been happening to me a lot lately.

    I suddenly have a craving for pb&j...lol. :)

  2. Glad to hear things are on the mend. There is nothing better than PB&J. Thank you for sharing and for hosting this link up!

  3. Love me some pb&j! Thank you for hosting!
    **please stop by my bog sometime ;)

    xoxo, bree

    ps. **your newest follower =)

  4. Lovely blog! The sandwiches are great! My niece would agree with them as comfort. For me comfort usually comes when I'm out hiking, just in the silence of nature and trees. I love trees!

    I'll definitely be stopping by again!

  5. mmmm pb&j with a tall glass of cold milk sounds really delicious!!


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