Saturday, March 31, 2012

my adventure today...

This story actually starts several months ago, while I was waiting in a doctor's office. I don't usually read magazines, not even when I'm bored out of my mind in a doctor's office, but this magazine was one that I'd never seen before, full of short little tips on how to make your life more peaceful, natural etc. etc. it had a great yoga sequence in the middle. Anyway, in one of the interviews I read that this mother enjoyed mowing her yard with one of those old-fashioned push mowers that is powered only by the person pushing it (upon farther investigation I discovered that these are called Reel Mowers... but back to my story) she said she'd wear her baby in a carrier and mow a little each day,  it was a meditative practice for her. I thought that is so cool. good for her. 

Fast forward to earlier this month. I was doing some organizing in the garage so that finally, after living here for nearly a year, we could park our van in the garage and out of the blazing sun. Among all the other odds and ends of stuff I found the hubs yard tools. I didn't even realize we still owned a lawn mower. We'd hired someone to do it for us last year and while it was somewhat satisfying to have shirtless teenagers zoom around our yard on their riding lawnmowers and have the entire yard cut and edged in what seemed like mere minutes, I thought - hey, maybe I should give it a try.

Which brings us to today... after doing some research online I realized that I didn't want to wait a week for Amazon to ship a mower to me. My grass needed to be cut today. So I packed up the boys and headed to the Home Depot. I decided I was going to get the smaller version the they had available, because I'm cheap like that I didn't want to pay more than I needed to for my little mower, and they have a really generous return policy.

I was so excited to try out my little mower that I started mowing the first little bit of dry grass I could find. Which was the grass in the front yard, right there in front of the door - for all of my neighbors and the dozens of people who use our cul-de-sac as their personal turn-about to see. It didn't go so well 

My little man thought it would be fun to try it, so I let him - which is one of the awesome things about this kind of mower, it's practically impossible for my kids to accidentally hurt themselves. The only problem is that it took me like half an hour to mow that one little bit of grass. Apparently these types of mowers are meant to just take a little off the top, not do a major style change. I didn't think my grass was all that long - the mower disagreed. And let me know. repeatedly. 

Horrified. That is how I felt after that first bitter struggle. Totally horrified. My sweet beautiful green lawn was turning into something brown and gross. I was worried that the grass underneath was going to get ruined, I felt horrified that I'd cut a strip of grass down the front of my lawn and now regretted it.

So I did what every Mommy knows to do. I stopped and ate lunch. Peanut Butter and Jelly. Then I called the Customer Service desk at Home Depot and asked if I needed to return this thing in the box "preferably" was her absolutely perfect reply. So I disassembled my little mower, tried to ignore my half-mown lawn and returned the mower.

Not to be defeated, I got a bigger version of the same mower I had just returned, came home. Assembled it and finished mowing the front lawn... in the scorching deep-south mid-day heat. I don't think I have ever sweated that much in any exercise class. Of course I could barely walk (maybe that is a slight exaggeration) but it was a lot more workout than I am used too.

I can just imagine the neighbors calling their landscapers to see if they could get a two-for-one deal, just so they didn't have to see me push my silly thing. Who knows what the neighbors next door who moved in just yesterday think of me. 

The grass finally got cut and KA and I raked up the grass clippings after dinner while the baby sat in his high chair and squealed at us.  After the girls got home from school I mowed the back yard too. I had to stop every two seconds to mediate fights disciple the littles, see the caterpillar that Katie-Abigail caught. I'm really glad I wasn't stopping an engine every two seconds. I think I would have completely dislocated my shoulder trying to do something like that. So we'll see what happens with this. I'm looking forward to having a reason to spend more time outside. Like bangs that you cut too short - I'm also looking forward to that patch of short grass near the driveway to grow out. 

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  1. Remember your Dad's little reel mower?
    It did get dangerous on the hills of our yard in Stone Mountain! He gave it away.


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