Friday, March 2, 2012

coffee on a Friday

I have SO many photos to post, a bunch are still in my camera - maybe I'll have time this weekend? Here's hoping. So here are a few Instagrams of my little guy - who is getting SO big!

Things I've been doing lately...
  • chasing after Eli, who is officially an ankle biter. he scoots around on the floor discovering every tiny little thing, which means constant supervision. He has become a terror in his walker, crashing into Josiah, chasing the dog and trying to explore the trash can. He was my most active baby inside me so I'm not surprised he's one little ball of energy now,
  • feeding Eli - which has been fun. I decided not to give up on my attempt to get him started on solids and finally my persistence has paid off, or we're in the right window of time for him, either way he's eating a tablespoon or two of various pureed vegetables every day (sweet potatoes are his favorite, but we sneak bites of peas and green beans in between) and he also eats about an eighth of a cup of cheerios and a few sweet potato puffs.
  • teaching Josiah how to read... he's really into it now. We started going through some of the books I bought for Beth when I home schooled her - just to give Josiah something to do - and he's already getting pretty good at sounding his words out.

It's Boosterthon fun run at my girl's school today - so I gotta run!

P.S. my Simply Bliss childhood photography class starts on Monday so there is still time to register!!


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