Saturday, March 24, 2012

52 Weeks of Editing in Elements: Layers

Okay, I promised the second part of the edit from yesterday's post  and here it is. The original image is by my friend Spring Kraft. I've already done some selective sharpen and blur now I'm going to add some layers of color. 

52 weeks of editing
Click on the Layers tray and select  Merge Visible
52 weeks of editing
Right click on the background layer and click Duplicate Layer
Set it to "Soft Light" by clicking on the Layer  Mode drop down menu
Set opacity to 40% & Merge the layers
Click on the New Layers icon. Click Solid Color and add a solid layer of creamy orange
Set the layer mode to "Soft Light"
This is what it looks like when you set it to "overlay"
Change the opacity of that layer - I set it to 70%
I've added some other color layers. I'm going to go through these now setting their layer mode to "soft light" and the opacity to less than 10% I have a layer of cool pink set to 8%
I have a layer of deep orange set to 4%
I added a level of deep orange and set it to 4%

These are just the colors I used for this edit. I played around with a blue exclusion layer, but I didn't like how it effected the grass and eyes. I wanted to play up the orange hues and add warmth to the image. I've only been editing like this for a little while and I'm still working on the palette of colors that I work with... so play around with your edit, tweak away.
Then I'm going to Merge Visible layers again.
I thought that my edit was a little too bright so opened the light levels tool
This is what the light levels looked like when I started
On the top slider I slid the mid-point toward the bright end, making the whole image a little darker, and the dark end up. On the output I slid the bright down a little bit. I thought this made the edit look a little bit more natural.
Then I merged the layers again
I cropped the image. I set it to a vertical 8x10 and cropped out the distractions in the background

52 weeks of editing52 weeks of editing

There are some more things about layers that I want to show you but that is going to have to wait for another post...

Do you enjoy this style of learning? I just got my first copy of CS5 and will be working on writing a class for it soon! I'll be taking you step by step through everything I've learned how to do when it comes to editing.

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