Thursday, February 2, 2012

sneak peek

solitude1 verse copy

Tomorrow is the first day for the Poetic Winter: a Photography Challenge which I will be hosting with Alicia, Rebecca & Kristi  and the theme for the first day is: solitude This gorgeous texture that I added to this photo is from Life-n-Reflection and will be available as a freebie tomorrow as part of the photography challenge as a thank you for participating.

As I've been thinking about solitude and what I could do for this challenge I thought about how wonderful and cozy it is to be alone in quiet house in the middle of winter on a cold day with something hot to drink under a warm blanket with something good to read.

But winter can also be an isolating season - you can get stuck at home with kids, wishing the weather would turn nice so you could go to the park. Sometimes its a lot harder to get out during the winter and you can start to go stir crazy - I know I do! During this time of the year I have to make a more concerted effort to not hole myself up in my house and get out to be around people.

During one particularly isolated season of my life I cam across this verse and I have carried it with me as a promise. In the context this verse is talking about God's care for those without home or family - here he says He is provider of both and I have found Him to be true. He has been so faithful to me to provide friends and a spiritual family.


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