Friday, February 17, 2012

Poetic Winter week 3: Passion

DSC_3264 pop 2 plus solitude overlay

I'm not feeling very "poetic" lately - I'm still trying to get over my cold and have a bad cough still - but I really enjoyed picking up my camera today for this challenge!

One of my passions is photography!! I took a new photo of my grandfather's camera. I took some photos with it recently, I just need to have the film developed. I'm really excited about that.

My hubs gave me a beautiful potted plant for Valentines Day! I photographed it here:

storyboard BnW2 I used the awesome black and white action Rebecca shared last week on this collage of photos. (You can see them all in color here.) I liked these photos in color and really just ran the action because I felt it needed some sort of pop - wowzers - so very glad I did! I also used the texture (from Kristy of Life n Reflections) Kristi shared for the first week  of the photography challenge in the first and last images for this post.

The Freebie
As I mentioned yesterday this week I get the privilege of hosting  this week's freebies. A couple of these templates have been tweaked from a previously available download - once I started making these I just couldn't stop! They are so insanely cute. I tested them out in CS5 and they worked equally well in both Photoshop & Photoshop Elements. 

sweet violet storyboard nine square copy
click here to download template file

sweet violet storyboard four large copy
click here to download template file
simply violet storyboard 1 vert plus 3 horiz copy
click here to download template file

sweet violet storyboard blog post copy  sweet violet storyboard blog post color
blog post template with spaces between images
click here to download template file
sweet violet storyboard blog post no spaces copy   sweet violet storyboard blog post no spaces BnW
blog post template without spaces between images
click here to download template file

sweet violet storyboard 13 square copy
click here to download template file
sweet violet storyboard square pane with verticals copy
click here to download template file
How to use a template in Photoshop Elements
To be honest, the first few times I used a template it literally took me hours to figure it out. I read some helpful tutorials, but I still struggled. I hope that this tutorial clears up any confusion you might have about how to use templates in Photoshop Elements.

The most important thing to remember about templates is layers and especially the order of those layers. 
You must put the image you want to use above the shape that acts as the frame. 
The next thing you need to understand is called grouping - it is by grouping your photo with the previous layer or the shape in your template you are using that your photo is cut into the shape you need.
To "Group" a layer with the previous layer press ctrl+G 
Make sure you layer the images on top of the numbers (or click the little eye to turn visibility of each number layer off)

How to create your own template
Sometimes you can't find exactly the right template, or you want to modify one that you've downloaded. Here is how I make my own templates using PSE:

Start a new image with a white background. This one is 750x600px
Use the rectangle tool
if you are going to make identical shapes in your template choose the "duplicate layer" by right clicking on the layer you want to copy
(sorry about the weirdness of this screen capture - I re-did it twice! I don't know why this happened)
once you have all your layers in place make sure to use the align tool (click the move icon in the main toolbar)
I like to add color. I get a design palette & drag it into my design area. I choose the paint tool.
change template color
use the waterdrop tool on the design palette
copy the color from the design palette onto the template
when you're done delete the palatte
use the text tool to add numbers on each of your layers
re-arrange the order of the numbers so that each number is on top of each corresponding shape. Choose the move tool again select the shape and the number (using ctl+click) and use the align tool - choose horizontal centers
then choose vertical centers and your number will be perfectly centered within the template shape
select each number 1 press ctrl+ G to create a group with the shape in the previous layer. Repeat until all of the numbers are grouped with their shape.

Can't wait to see your photos!! Don't forget - the link opens at 9am CST

check out the other blogs hosting this challenge Rebecca of Bumbles and Light, Alicia of Project Alicia and Kristi of live and love... out loud

Just a few details:
All are welcome regardless of skill level, time commitment and geographic location.
Each Friday, we'll have freebies, discounts to some of the hottest photography resources, photography tips and inspirational quotes or poems to get your creative photography juices flowing.
Share your favorite images inspired by the weekly prompt. The linky will remain open from 9am Friday – 9am Thursday CST. Link directly to your Poetic Winter blog post or Flickr photo, not your blog’s home page or Flickr Photostream.
Feel free to share your photos in our Poetic Winter Flickr Group as well and don’t forget to visit and comment on the previous entry in the linky list.
This time around, we'll be pinning our favorite photos to the Poetic Winter Pinterest Board. Not on Pinterest and need an invite? Let me know in the comments section and I'll be more than happy to send you one.
And last, but not least, don't forget to grab our lovely button.

Next week’s prompt will be calm. For a complete list of upcoming prompts, head on over to the Photography Challenge page. I have no idea what I'm going to photograph for next week's challenge but I am loving the challenge - just because it is that - so challenging. I hope you're enjoying this challenge as well.

Thanks to the following sponsors for partnering with us to bring you these fabulous deals; created exclusively for Poetic Winter Photo Challenge participants and valid throughout the month of February. Click on the images to be taken directly to their sites. Don't wait to take advantage of these discounts before they expire!!


  1. Those templates are fabulous!! Thank you so much, Faith <3

  2. Love that camera! And those template are awesome! I really need the tutorial. TY!

  3. Wow. What a giveaway. And great tutorial... you covered clipping masks well. Sorry ya'll have been sick... so not fun. Your camera looks like a real gem. What a treasure...

  4. I don't know what I adored more, the photographs or the tutorial. Well Done!

    PS. A potted plant is the perfect gift. You captured it beautifully!

  5. Hope to be advanced enough to figure out how to use that tutorial! Loved the photos of your Valentines flowers. Sorry about your cold, I have been down for the whole week with the same thing and heading to the doctor today. SO my passion photos might be for my tylenol and tissues. Your post is lovely!

  6. How wonderful, that you have your grandfather's camera! That's definitely something to treasure. :) You did a fantastic job with the templates and tutorials, Faith. Thank you so much. Already downloaded them!

  7. Thanks for the templates! The tutorial is really helpful.

  8. Love this! I have been playing with creating these for a while now- you certainly answered some questions. :)

  9. I love receiving potted plants rather than a bouquet of flowers! Thanks for sharing your templates, great information. I hope you feel 100% real soon.

  10. You're awesome! I've been looking for some good templates for aaaages and these are perfect :D Hope you feel better soon xx

  11. Thank you for the wonderful templates and tutorial! I love the flowers you got for valentine's day and how you captured them beautifully!

  12. Get better! Beautiful flowers. Adore the templates, can't wait to try them out.

  13. love your photos! and the texture and action you used on them are beautiful! i am so excited to download these templates! I am ordering CS5 this week and cannot wait to delve in and learn how to do all this!! Thank you for sharing these wonderful templates and the tutorial!!

  14. What an awesome heirloom! Thank you for the templates! Beautiful photos!

  15. I love the plant your husband gave you. The photos are just wonderful. The black and white conversion is really unexpected, but works so perfectly.

    Thank you for the freebie. How awesome!

  16. Eek! Oh my gosh, you are a godsend!! Yay, I'm so excited about these templates and your tutorial. I've been wanting to learn to use templates forever, but had no idea where to start! Thank you, I could just kiss and hug you now! xoxoxo

    Also, really looking forward to seeing what you've captured on your roll of film. I've recently decided to dig out my old film Slr and so excited about using it again. I've forgotten how much I love that old thing, and that lovely click sound it makes when the shutter opens and closes!

  17. Wow I love these shots! great tutorial too! Thank you for the great downloads and the chance to learn something new. Hope you feel better soon!

  18. I have been kind of scared of these but I think I am going to give them a try because of your GREAT tutorial. Wow. You made it seem so easy : ) Thank you!

  19. Love your post! Love the images. All the variations and angles of the plant is great! I am for sure coming back to review your tutorial on creating different templates. I need to incorporate some of this in my blog posts instead of one image below another....booooring. :)

  20. Oh awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  21. thanks for sharing this.. i've seen this color blocking around and cant wait to try it! this is my first time linking up with you... thanks also for hosting!


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