Friday, February 24, 2012

Poetic Winter Photography Challenge Week 4 "Calm"

Instagrams taken w my iPhone 4s of a few calm moments lately

Lately life has been anything but calm - Eli has turned into a holy little terror. It's hard to believe, I know. He's keeping me busy during his every waking moment, trying to crawl, buzzing around in his walker pulling things down and crashing into his big brother. I think he's set some kind of family record with how active he's become at only 7 months. 

But then there are those calm moments... nap times especially.  I've been trying to take the time to read to my boys every afternoon. Josiah usually falls asleep, Eli usually wakes up as soon as Josiah falls asleep! We're working on it it... those moments are some of my favorite.

My plan for this challenge was to photograph Eli napping but he woke up as soon as I got my camera out and didn't go back down until I'd lost my light. So here is one I took of Josiah... I just adore these sweet moments with my sleeping boy. It reminds me how quickly these years are going by and how dearly I treasure these little lives.

DSC_2705 copypeeling an orange I am going to add this photo as well since it's one of my favorites this month... another sweet moment having a snack - when I didn't have to constantly remind my little man to calm down :)

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  1. I hear ya on the "anything but calm" part. lol. But you managed to find some sweet quiet moments in there too! :)

  2. Nothing is more calm than that of sleeping babes. Mine are now 4&6 and I still check on them 2-4 times a night. The last picture of the tangerine (orange?) is so captivating. I love the dark editing you did with it and the soft light on the hands and citrus. Just beautiful!

  3. I can TOTALLY relate to having little ones running around getting into everything and how hard it can be to find your calm in the midst of that. Your photos are beautiful!!!! ~ Barefoot Mama

  4. So sweet....not a lot of "calm" at my house either:)


  5. Looks like you had a few calm and sweet moments with your children. Enjoy...

  6. Nothing is as calming as whatching sleeping children...because they are so peaceful and adorable as they sleep and because you get some calm time to your self :)Beautiful pics!

  7. love the child sleeping, very nice and calm.

  8. Yes, always a calming experience to watch a child sleep. That is such a sweet photo of your boy's cute hands circling the fruit.

  9. Your photos are so sweet this week, especially of your sleeping son. i miss those days when my girls were so small and took naps. i could just stand and stare at them for the longest time. enjoy those sweet moments of reading to your boys, they are so special. my favorite photo is the one of your boys small little hands holding the orange. thank you for your time and hard work you put into this challenge. i enjoyed it so much! Have a great weekend.

  10. A sleeping child is very calm. Beautiful. I love your instagram too. It is reminisce of our sacramento trees in the winter here.:)

  11. Such peaceful photos... Can I ask you a quick question about the templates you generously provided last week? No matter what I do I still get the numbers showing through the photos (I'm using Elements 10 on my IMAC). I drag the photo above the square where I want it, move it in the layer palatte to be above that square's layer but when I group them together I get the number, even if I've turned off that layer's visibility beforehand. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Many thanks!

  12. When my children are sleeping, it is the only time I'll say they are calm...but so much fun anyway. Such sweet sleeping shots. I particularly love the last one of him sleeping! Adorable!

  13. These are so sweet Faith, love them! Thanks for hosting this challenge with us, it's been awesome :)

  14. I love the sweetness of your sleeping 'baby' <3 And, that orange photo is fabulous!! Thanks so much for co-hosting this fun challenge <3

  15. Pictures of sleeping kids are the absolute sweetess photos. I love the burst of colour in the picture of the orange.


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