Friday, February 10, 2012

Poetic Winter Photography Challenge:: warmth

I am completely at a loss to find a word to describe how this week has been - every single one of my five kids have been sick to some degree during the last week right down to my six month old. The wonderful thing about having sick kids though is that there is more one-on-one time, they let me nurture them a little more and I am less demanding. We snuggle on the couch watching TV a lot when we're not feeling well and play a lot of Lego Batman. At the same time I am completely exhausted and honesty, ready to take a break from being at home with my kids 24/7 but at the same time watching life and my expectations of it collide, muddling through it and coming through on the other side with a positive attitude is nothing less than... poetic. 

This brings me to my love/hate relationship with this photography challenge. I have photographed so many different things for this challenge. I've not had as much time with my camera as I would have liked and nothing - and I mean nothing was working out the way that I wanted to. As I was practically pleading with my coffee cup to please please give me just one good photo I noticed that my sweet Beth was wearing the fingerless gloves I gave her for her birthday so I asked her to be my hand model. 

I loaded my photos onto my new Mac and crossed my fingers as I loaded Photoshop, finally figured out how to load actions and ran the action that Rebecca so very generously provided for this photography challenge. My jaw hit the floor - followed by a happy dance around my kitchen. I'm in love with this action y'all! I messed with the levels a little and added an exclusion layer to give the color a little more depth and make it look a little less like I'm strait up copying Rebecca's style (which I am so very sorely tempted to do).

I am so happy with the photos I took this week - that I probably would't have taken if it weren't for the photography challenge. And that is the reason why I love photography challenges so much. I hope you have had a similar experience with this photography challenge.

DSC_3120 copycopy
my daughter Beth's hands
edited with BW Total Fade
DSC_3109 copy5
Beth's hands
DSC_3206 copy3
taken by my 4 year old
While I was finishing up my photo shoot with Beth I turned my camera on Josiah, my awesome little 4 year old. He said "you can take my picture if I can take yours" He did such a good job. I just had to post it! I 'm gonna edit the ones I took of him and post them this weekend. I hope that you'll take advantage of the download on Rebecca's blog. She's got an option for us Elements users also - which I tested earlier this week. It's fabulous. 

Can't wait to see your photos!! Don't forget - the link opens at 9am CST

check out the other blogs hosting this challenge Rebecca of Bumbles and Light, Alicia of Project Alicia and Kristi of live and love... out loud

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  1. These are're 4yr old might be a up and coming photographer:))

  2. beautiful shots. great job by josiah as well!

  3. So glad you like the actions, Faith! I love what you did with it too in the first one. Those gloves are awesome :)

  4. Those gloves are awesome! I really love the softness and composition of your second shot...and Josiah most certainly has inherited his mother's talent with the camera <3

    Hope your brood feels better soon (although one-on-one time is always a nice bonus, I is the fact that my little ones all of a sudden are 'little' again, needing mamma and wanting to cuddle --not that I would wish them sick, ever, of course...but, you know what I mean :D)

  5. I love your daughter's gloves. I'm a huge fan of fingerless gloves. I'm also a huge fan of B&W photography. You really nailed the tone and overall feel in that first photo. And if there were a prize for best photographer under the age of 18, your little guy would win hands down. ;)

  6. I had to come back and leave another comment because I laughed out loud when I read the part about you pleading with your coffee cup. I do the same thing, knowing full well it's up to me and my camera to frame and meter properly. Doesn't stop us from begging our inanimate subjects to cooperate, does it? lol

  7. Love that shot your son took, and pleading with the coffee cup obviously worked as they're great images, love the pov on both of them.

  8. I love these- especially because they are what I had in mind when I saw this prompt. I just never got around to doing it :)

  9. I've had a bit of a crazy week myself. Sorry to hear ya'll have been plagued with sickness. No fun! Really like the composition in the 2nd one and your 4 yr old did a pretty good job! And how lucky to have models to help us out! I have yet to try the action, but I'm excited to play with it!

  10. These are so beautiful. Hope you all feel better soon!

  11. Sounds like a rough week :( But those snuggles make up for it for sure, right?!!!

    I love the fingerless gloves!

  12. I am so sorry your family has been so sick!! My oldest daughter and I both were sick last week, blek! I hope everyone is on the mend now! your photos are great!! my favorite is the first one with Rebeccas actions! i just love the perspective and the processing puts it over the top. love the gloves as well...fingerless gloves rock! :D i also have to add ... your 4-year-old has some mad photography skills!! ha ha. He really captured a great shot of you!

  13. I hope your kids will be better soon and you can rest and maybe even have "me" time:)

  14. Wow! I would have never guessed a 4 year old took that! Lovely photos!

  15. The gloves with the mug are so sweet! Love the processing, too!

  16. It looks like you have a budding photographer on your hands. He did a wonderful job!!! Visiting from Poetic Winter Challenge...Have a great week!

  17. Man, even your four year old is an amazing photographer!!


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