Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Photography link-up

Yesterday my girls had the day off of school, we spent the day making paper chains to hang on door frames, riding scooters in the sunshine and I spent all freaking day making a red velvet cheesecake as a belated Valentines Day present to my hubs - since I was a sick zombie last week. So today I'm playing catch-up, you know - all of the fall out from a really fun three day weekend. yeah, big mess. But I wanted to bop in here and put up this week's photography link-up, because I really do look forward to seeing your photos. If you'd like to have a theme for this week - it's "the weather at my house" I know some of y'all have had big snow storms lately, here we're experiencing one of the mildest winters I can remember. It's beautiful here right now - this photo is one that I took from my cell phone the other night. This is the weather at my house - what does it look like at your house?


  1. How sweet of you, love that kind of cake!

  2. its rainy and mild here but so grey outside blah.

    Hey i tried out your storyboard tutorial for poetic winter.. hope i make ya proud my mentor :P

  3. Mild here too - lots of rain over the weekend!

  4. we've had rain and temps in the 70's and 8o's. i hope you are all better, i was sick too, and now everyone is coming down with it now.

  5. This is my first time linking up; thank you so much for the photo hop!


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