Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Photography Link-up: Favorite

This week the link-up theme is "Favorite" - it can be one of your favorite things, people, places or just a favorite photo from the week!! This photo is of my sweet boy with one of his favorite snacks. Plus it's one of my favorite photos from the last week or two.

I hope you'll also link-up on Friday to the Poetic Winter Photography Challenge  that I am co-hosting (the linky opens at 9am Central) the theme is "warm".


  1. great photo! my first time to be here :)

  2. I agree, great photo! I'm new here too and just linked in, but don't fully understand the rules -- so I've just linked in a favorite photo I took this weekend, from a new favorite place I have discovered here in England.
    You have a great blog, I'm looking forward to following along. Kris

  3. Love the little bracelet on his arm...sweet!


  4. Faith, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo! Great job.

  5. Lovely photo :) I'm excited to be linking up this week, I haven't for a while!

  6. Very nice comp. I've gone for my favourite photo (if I'd have done my favourite food there would have been a lot of chocolate involved) :O)

  7. Thought you might enjoy this:

    A little photographer nerd humor.

  8. The color and detail in this photo is stunning! Thank you for sharing Faith!

  9. Great picture! Something so simple can make such a great photo!


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