Saturday, February 11, 2012

My week in Instagrams: more or less obsessed

This week I've been more or less obsessed with Instagram - I take photos all day long. Most of them I post, some I don't - just because I don't want to be annoying to my friends who are following me. I have some wonderful friends who were already using Instagram when I joined the party - I'm so enjoying this additional point of connection - especially with my IRL friends, and some of my blog friend who I feel are just as close... So here we go - my week in Instagrams:

Eli... Emma.. ready to go to a baby shower

Josiah... Eli... Bible Study Homework

More Bible Study Homework... putting the finishing touches on my newest E-class... Eli sleeping on my chest while I work

Sleeping Baby very late at night... GREAT quote from my Bible Study "Blessed are those who need God enough to know He Him enough to love Him enough to know He's enough" from my Beth Moore "Mercy Triumphs" Bible Study through the book of James... Dinner tonight - spaghetti again! for #febphotoaday

look who's ready for a nap... Daniel was out of town so we had a crazy night!! ... one of my favorite "buttons" for #febphotoaday

let the craziness begin!! ... dude, it's nearly 12 why are you still not asleep? .... come sleep in my bed

Josiah finally slept in - until 7am .... Beth had a fever and had to stay in bed... Josiah is doing such a good job learning his Phonics! I am so proud of him and enjoy teaching him from the same book  that I learned from (not exactly the same book but same program).

took some photos of Eli with my big girl camera today!! Can't wait to post them... special delivery!! my canvas from Easy Canvas Prints arrived!! ... "sun" for #febphotoaday actually a decently sunny day, just found it hard to capture it mid-day

Beth & Josiah enjoying some fresh air... feeling tired and missing my hubs but working to get my kitchen clean... finally got my fussy boy to sleep somewhere other than on my chest.

look who has got a runny nose... why oh why are Pringles so addicting? ... Eli thinks Pringles lids make great toys
yay!! Daddy is home!!! ... Hamburger helper for dinner... Beth, Daniel, Eli & Molly our dog

My baby is growing up so fast!! ... what a beautiful night tonight... evening light

my little photographer took this photo of me! He's quite proud of himself.

Friday 10 on 10

library day... filling up... tunage

making kiss faces... grocery shopping - I <3 Kroger (since we've moved I don't get to shop there often) ... sleeping sweetheart

1pm and I could use a nap... my little man asleep fell asleep in the van... look who started scooting!!

3pm... 4pm... 6pm waiting for Daddy to come home from work

my 7pm - Daddy brought pizza!! my 8pm fighting with my 10 year old...  my 10pm good night!!

ten on ten button

Saturday morning - not feeling so great... Katie-Abigail & Eli... Mr. Scootapotomus

Listening to Adel & doing a little blogging... talking & "texting" on his banana!! Josiah cracks me up... my beautiful sweet Katie-Abigail my helper in the kitchen this morning.

Gotta add a couple cute things my kids said this week:

Josiah, pretending to feed his rubber ball to Eli. Me: Don't do that!!  J: Why not Mommy? It's got lots of fiber!

Josiah again, in the van being a little wild. I tell him to stop. No answer. Me: "Josiah, did you hear me?" J:   "of course I did Mommy. Everyone has ears"

Katie-Abigail singing the state farm song "Like a good neighbor, Emma is there!"

Josiah, singing one of my favorite Adel songs "Should I give up, or should I just keep chasing penguins"


  1. Such a joy-filled collection, Faith! LOVE Eli's little yawn.

  2. I like the socks on the 10 yr old....
    are those the ones I gave her?

  3. Oh, SO awesome! I love your instagrams and I REALLY love your kid's sayings!

  4. P.S. I'm on an Adele kick too!

  5. Wow those are a lot of Instagram photos! I wish I remembered to take that many! :)

  6. These are so fun to see! I love camera phone pictures as they are always more candidate and seem to represent real life better than photos taken on a fancy dslr.
    I love that blanket that's wrapped around your little boy. Is it crochet? Did you make it? **Love**

  7. Love looking at your fun pictures of beautiful family life! Thank you for hosting the challenge it has been so fun to link up!

  8. that camera is almost as big as him - too cute!


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