Monday, January 9, 2012

Yep, it's Monday - and tomorrow's photography challenge theme!

Eli - 5 months 

It's been a very Monday sort of day so far. Before I even got out of bed it was shaping into a difficult day - I'm thankful for the teaching yesterday that reminded me to lean into grace and know that there is enough - it's ringing in my ears today.

I'm on my way out the door to get some groceries but I just wanted to drop in here quickly and let you know that tomorrow's photography challenge will have an optional theme. The theme is "a piece of my everyday life" for those who submit a photo according to that theme I'll be featuring a few so be sure to try to post your photo before Friday (1/13) morning (EST) I will also be starting to incorporate prizes back into my photography challenge/ link-up.  I'm still thinking through the details - it'll be a once a month thing and the first prize will be a customized photography notebook from Blurb.

Here are a few of my favorite photos of mine that communicate this theme:

off for our first day of school

today's 365

1 8 11

This is a collage from a several years ago - back when Josiah was just a toddler - but I still love it!

Highlights from last week on the blog:
I started a series on editing your photos in Photoshop Elements. I also shared step-by-step how I edited one of my recent favorite photos.

I shared some photos of the cheesecake I made for the hub's birthday, along with some resolutions for the new year and some links to some awesome photography challenges for 2012

-----------> Today is also the first day of my Basic SLR eclass - which will take you from shooting in Auto to manual in 4 weeks. Read what my previous students have said about it (on my old blog) - today is the LAST day to register! <-----------


  1. Hey Faith! Looking forward to the photography challenge.
    Quick question: What surface did you use to take the photo of your vintage camera you used for your header? I love the reflection and the cameras!

  2. great captures of everyday life of a mom

  3. Love it!!

    Cant wait to add my submission :D


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