Friday, January 6, 2012

Weekend Wanderings

Boo ya - it's Friday! That means no homework when my girls get home from school! I'm going to bake some cookies in a minute and we are popping popcorn and watching Nanny McPhee - which I checked out of the Library - which I bake a chicken in the oven (from a recipe I copied from Simply Fresh Southern) ..maybe we'll jump on the trampoline first.

I'm deliriously tired (and ridiculously sleep deprived) and spend most of the morning playing Lego Batman with Josiah - who is going through a video game phase again. We had fun. And after a week of what has felt like non-stop discipline, if felt really good to just have fun with my sweet boy. One day he'll  be playing Modern Warfare with his dad or whatever it is that dads play with their boys and I'll make snacks and cherish the moments when I was his favorite gaming buddy.

Before I put Josiah down for his nap we read a chapter in Return to the Hundred Acre Wood  - now that is a book to put you in a good mood - if you like older books that are meant to be read simply for the pleasure of reading them. (Tollins was another, more modern book that I feel the same way about.)

But I'm rambling... see I told you I was tired!!

I wanted to mention a new (to me) blog I've found that you really should be adding to your reader right this very minute.

image source
image source
Little Red Chair is such a cute blog!!

Photography, recipes, home remodeling and two adorable kids - I'm in love! This one is going right at the top of my list of new (to me) blogs to follow.

Her photography blog is definitely worth checking out too!

Chelsea Fisher on Pinterest & on Flickr

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  1. Hope you have a wonderful weekend faith! :)


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