Thursday, January 26, 2012

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If anybody knows where the rest of January went - could you please send it my way?! I can not believe how quickly this month has gone by!!

The beginning of February means that in just a couple weeks I will start teaching my newest photography class. I haven't written a new class in awhile and this one is probably one of my favorite and so far most challenging classes to write. It's called Simply Style and it's basically a product photography class. It's written with online shop owners in mind but it applies to anyone with product-related photos to take. Do you photograph your craft projects? This class is for you. Do you want to take better photos for the tutorials you post? You'll learn something with this class! Does your blog focus on food? This class is for you! I'm not a professional photographer so this class is not how to become a professional food photographer, but we all know one of the most important things that draws people to your blog posts, keeps them at your blog and encourages others to pin your content is your photos. 

Want to know some more details for the class? Here you go:
Week 1: I'll teach you how to re-evaluate your natural lighting, give you a crash course in light tone so that you can stop taking those photos with a strong yellow or blue haze and I'll get you to start thinking about how you style your photos. I'll also include an interview with a successful online shop owner.
Week 2: I'll teach you how to become more mindful of your background, teach you how to take a photo with perfect whitespace and give you some prompts for subjective & objective product styling. I'll include an interview from a blog designer where we discuss the power of style and color tone.

onepearlDSC_8286 2 Week 3: I'll teach you how to use artificial light to photograph your objects at night. Plus I'll show you how to work with reflectors to maximize natural light and I'll guide you through the process of finding your style for your products and I've got another interview on the importance of really good product photography from another one of my friends who sells her products on Etsy.

onepearlDSC_8848 Week 4: I'll teach you some basic editing techniques that will help your photos look their best and load quickly on your website or blog. I'll teach you how to crop your images to maximize their visual impact, as well as how to do a basic clean edit that you will be able to perform in any photo editor.

Throughout the class I'll give tips about cameras, lenses and other gear. I'll give you a few tips on how to use your SLR and I'll give you tips on how to get the most from your point-and-shoot.

Why choose my classes? The thing that sets me apart as a photography teacher is the flexibility of my classes. All of the class material is sent via tutorials and is yours to keep - no logging into a website for limited access to materials. Assignments can be done at your pace and within your schedule. At no point during the class will you have to be at a computer at a specific time for instruction. My step-by-step process guides you slowly and gently through the overwhelming process of improving your photography.

Who can join? Anyone - and I do mean anyone. Whatever your camera, whatever your level of experience and comfort with your camera - this class is for you. I had a lot of success with my test-group and the participants showed a dramatic improvement - I'll be blogging some of their before & afters soon. So if you have a camera and a desire to take better photos for your business or blog this class is for you.

What is the time commitment? You'll have one tutorial to read through each week plus three assignments. One is to help you develop your style and two are to help you develop your photography skills. You'll then load your photos into a group on Flickr so that I can give you feedback and answer any questions you might have.

Reserve your place today!
Simply Style registration $100
Simply Style  + Simply SLR and get $20 off  = $160
Simply Style  + Simply YOU mentoring and get $40 off = $260
Simply Style tutorials only (no feedback) $40

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  1. Thanks, Faith, I like your teaching style!

  2. Ack i need 100 dollars for that simply style class :D

    Wishing you lots of luck in your classes hun.. Hope you have a wonderful weekend


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