Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Photography Link-up : Inspiration

This is what I find inspiring:
going into my backyard and capturing a little bit of beauty that I hadn't noticed before. 

This week's photography link-up has an optional challenge theme inspiration - I want to know, what inspires you creatively? What makes you happy and feeling inspired - if you post before Friday you might be featured!! Don't forget to check out last week's featured photos :)   Also in case you missed it - I will be co-hosting a photography challenge every Friday through the month of February with my friends Rebecca, Alicia & Kristi. It's called Poetic Winter : read more about it here! Then go check out the prompts - they should be so much fun!!


  1. Lovely image Faith!
    Thanks for asking me to link up here. I have also changed the link up badge on my "Photography Challenges" page to your new one.
    I'd love to link up with the Poetic Winter challenge but it's Summer here. I did link up with the "Colours of Autumn" challenge, during our Spring if I had colours to link with. Those challenges are a great idea :)

  2. Dear Liz - we picked themes for Poetic Winter with people like you in mind!! Hope you'll link up anyway :)

  3. Everyday life inspires me, like my picture to here was taking middle of making dinner:)

  4. Ou I forgot, thank you again I got my blog back:)

  5. Beautiful picture, I was inspired by nature too.

  6. I love the depth of field and color. Thank you for sharing and for hosting this link up!

  7. I just found your photography challenge this afternoon. I'm challenge junkie. So say thanks for letting us share!

  8. You photo is just beautiful. I love the simplicity of it.

  9. beautiful :) going outside for me right now is challenging....Mid-west weather right now is cold and rainy/snowy!!

  10. beautiful picture and I'm inspired to link up my post and join with you.

  11. Love the simplicity in your shot.

  12. Such a gorgeous snapshot of something we so often miss... What a difference a change of perspective makes!

    I know I've missed the link up, but I posted some photos at my blog today, if anyone wants to stop by...

    Thanks for hosting this link up!


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