Monday, January 23, 2012

Photography Challenge: Something Different


I can not believe how quickly the past few days have gone!! Goodness gracious. They've been good days but they're over too quickly, nap time is over before it's even begun and I'm falling asleep putting the kids to bed... today my challenge for you is to photograph something you don't usually photograph, or in a way that you don't usually photograph. Find a detail of something - or step back to take a bigger picture. I have some fun pictures on my camera but they're still on my camera and need to be transferred and processed. This photo expresses pretty much perfectly what today has been like for me - gray and dreary and fuzzy but somehow in the middle of it all really beautiful and satisfying.

I'm still making my way through all of last week's photo. I've been to most of them and will be sure to get a post of favorites up really soon. I thought it would be done by now but - that's life,  I guess. Especially when you have a baby! I have so enjoyed seeing all of your photos - I hope that you take some time to visit each other's blogs and leave a comment. It's very inspiring! Also don't forget to grab a button and plan on participating in the Poetic Winter Photography Challenge which I will be co-hosting next month! It should be awesome.  I can't wait to see your photos! 

P.S. You can still register for my photography class for the month of February. It's focused on crafters, bloggers and online shop owners. My next photography mentoring session is set for March. I'd love to see you there!


  1. Love it. The days have been going by soooo fast. It is crazy.

  2. Oh, this is an exciting one, Faith. I'll link up before the deadline...but I gotta think... :)

  3. Pretty photos as always :D

  4. This is a beautiful photo! So peaceful.

  5. my "something different" this week is my son's blue eyes! my husband and eldest son have brown eyes and i have green... so judah is our something different. ;)

  6. LOVE this Faith! Reminds me how fast these cold days are just flying by. Super excited for the Winter PC!!

  7. Beautiful photo. Perfect timing with the prompt too. I joined a street photograph course for the morning yesterday, something different for me, never tried street candids before plus learnt a new tip of shotting reflections in puddles.


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