Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Photography Challenge: a different side of me

I'm so sorry that this post is going up late. I'm annoyed when the link-ups I want to participate in are not up when my post is ready and a really hate to be one of those bloggers with late link-ups... so I'm sorry.

This week's optional theme for your link-up is "a different side of me" or in other words a self portrait that is outside of your usual comfort zone. This was inspired by this post that was linked up the other week. I tend to do self-portraits at arms length with my DSLR but this one was taken with my iPhone capturing my reflection in our computer's screen (and you can see Josiah in the upper right corner - he's playing a video game!) and edited with Instagram. We just recently switched from PC to Mac and I'm a little lost but am glad we made the switch. I have all of the hubs music on my computer now! I'm listening to Adel right now and very happy about that.

I can't wait to see your photos!!


  1. I love the photo! It really came out great!

  2. That's how I typically do my selfies, too...and I love your new idea! Great shot, Faith.

  3. that is a cool idea - my cell phone takes junk photos though!


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