Monday, January 16, 2012

Photography challenge announcement bundle

Good Monday morning y'all!! Hope this Monday finds you with a good hot cup of coffee (or tea) and some good music. It made my day to log into my blog to see that I'm already only 5 away from 100 followers. I know GFC is silly but it's nice to feel loved. It's MLK day here - and in Georgia it's a pretty big deal (The MLK museum is in Atlanta.) The kids have the day off, banks and libraries are closed.  So three day weekend here we go! The kids put the Glee Xmas album on... so I'm having flashbacks to Christmas break and getting into a mini cleaning frenzy! ha! Heaven knows the house needed it. Having a baby is kicking my butt. If only I could wash dishes one-handed.

Did you have a good weekend? Emma is feeling better!  But now my boys have got colds. Josiah got a bad case of the Wal-Mart cruds. It seems like every time I've gone grocery shopping there he's gotten a runny nose! Keeping the boys apart is impossible, despite my desperate attempts Eli still got a pretty bad cold. Bless his heart.

Okay - now onto some photography challenge announcements!! First things first - do you remember that awesome photography challenge I participated in a couple months ago - it was called "Shades of Autumn" - well I will be co-hosting a photography challenge with that awesome group of photographers during the month of February. We put our heads together, came up with some fantastic challenges and are calling it...

You can get all of the details on my Photography Challenge page. Feel free to grab a button (it's on the photography challenge page) and spread the word! Because you know it's going to rock, especially when Rebecca blew it out of the water just with her announcement post.  Also Alicia picked the same quote as I did for her amazing opening post. I guess great minds think alike! And Kristi gets the award for putting hers up first :)

DSC_2592 sweet violet + mandy copy
Edited with Mandi's actions - fonts used: Print Clearly & Ginette

Okay - I've got to run but before I go I just wanted to let y'all know that my photography challenge will go up tomorrow morning - I'll try to have the linky up tonight by 12am and the optional theme is inspiation. 

What is inspiring you right now? What's your go-to when you are in a creative funk?

For me it's going into my back yard with my macro filter on my camera and finding all of those little special shapes, colors and details of nature that I usually don't notice...


How about you?

P.S. Don't forget to check out my featured photos from last week's challenge! Plus I'm guest posting about making and reaching your goals for the New Year at The Momma Bird


  1. Yes, I guess great minds do think alike. lol. Love that quote! Looking forward to the challenge!


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