Thursday, January 5, 2012

how I edited my holiday mocha pic

Earlier this week I posted this photo that I'd taken over the holidays - but I did a few screen captures along the way to show the steps of this edit. 

First I cropped it to square

Next I cloned out the highlights along the table

Then I ran a high pass filter to sharpen a little (duplicate your background > change the layer mode to soft light > choose filter > other > high pass > set between 1-3 depending on your subject and how much you want it to be sharpened. If you over sharpen you can always make that layer a little bit more transparent)

Next I created duplicate layer and ran the gaussian blur filter to reduce noise in the darker area of the mug.

Using the eraser tool I brushed away some of the blur in the area on whip

Merge layers

Then I ran the Sugar Cookie action from Paint the Moon and adjusted the levels. This action opens a new image file for it's edit, so I merged the layers and copied them back onto the image I'm working on - this is helpful because of the next step I did.

I brushed away some of the action using transparency brush especially along the bright spots.

Next I ran the Seventies action from The Pioneer Woman and reduced the transparency of the action.

Then I brushed away some of the action where it's really bright.

Next I wanted to create a slight vignette so this is what I did:

I created radial gradient - click on new layer > choose Gradient (NOT Gradient Map) > choose Radial adjust the the angle of the gradient  > Click to reverse the gradient.

Next add a solid color layer. To do this click New Layer, choose a solid color layer. It will automatically be whatever your foreground color is. You can change the color by clicking on the color. I used a deep warm brown. Next make sure that the solid color is layered directly above your gradient layer and press ctrl+G to group the layers.

Adjust the transparency of the vignette layer so that it is just barely visible.

Merge Layers.

The next thing I wanted to do is crop it with rounded corners. There are actions you can run that will do this quickly. This is another way. Go down to the shape tool right click and choose rounded corner rectangle, Create a shape in the place where you want to crop your image. Duplicate the background and drag that layer above the shape layer.

Press Ctrl+G to group the layers and turn off the background layer

This is what you get:

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  1. Thanks so much for posting the steps! Not sure I can follow them, but it is a start! Love this image!


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