Friday, December 30, 2011

Snaps of my new cameras

Several happy things happened today.

The hubs made reservations for our anniversary dinner later this month at The Frog Hollow which is a stunningly good farm-to-table local restaurant and  he lined up a babysitter. Serious kudos to him.

I registered the domain for my new blog. I won't tell you what it is yet because the site is a catastrophic mess at the moment. But it won't be for too much longer - I'm very confident that I can get it up and running very soon. I used blogger's domain registration via GoDaddy and Google. It was the easiest thing ever.

I also got some time to photograph my new cameras - the ones my mom gave me for Christmas. I'm so happy with the results. The Pentax was my grandpa's and he used it to take photos at the Atlanta Olympics! Even more special - the Contaflex is another one of my grandpa's cameras that he used to photograph my mom when she was his little girl. I'm totally psyched out of my mind to figure out how to use it to photograph my children. I need to get more batteries for the Pentax before I can use it - but it came with this 50mm lens and a macro converter and a zoom lens! Very cool. Plus my mom gave me some of her old 35mm film. There is some really special film photograph magic coming from my house soon!

my grandpa's pentax DSC_1657 copy.jpg DSC_1637 4 DSC_1648 2VP.jpg
Editing notes: I used the Paint the Moon action for PSE called "Vanilla Pop" and tweaked the levels a little to sharpen and deepen the blacks.

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  1. These are wonderful photos. Have fun with your new cameras!

  2. How exciting- all sorts of really awesome thing going on for you right now. So happy for you & can't wait to hear more!

  3. How wonderful to use those cameras that have been in your family!

  4. These are some really awesome cameras, and I love how beautifully you photographed them!! Have fun!

  5. Love your photos of your cameras! How fun to think of all the possibilities for artful shots with these!


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