Monday, December 5, 2011

Photography Challenge: Eyes/Feet

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My kids all have insanely beautiful eyes - Beth's are expressive and subtly blue gray, Emma's are bright and intensely blue, Katie-Abigail's are dark green and hazel, Josiah has these crazy eyes with brown at the center going to green and blue at the edges. I've never seen eyes like those and I adore them - he is such a mix of my hubs and me. Now our littlest Eli seems like he's going to stick with his beautiful blue eyes. I don't like to "call" it until they're closer to a year, but the blue-eyes of the family are claiming him for their team. I love to photograph eyes. I have two entire sets on Flickr dedicated just to my amazing eyes and eyes-only shots. 

Last week was supposed to be eyes but in my post-Thanksgiving meltdown I didn't get a post up - so this week is open to "eyes" OR "feet" or both! Here's one of my little guy doing his new favorite thing - thankfully he's moved on from shrieking to chewing his feet. Today I had him in socks (and not a sleeper) and he nearly destroyed those socks trying to get at his feet! I've got another super-cute pic of feet here... and there is more Eli cuteness coming tomorrow in my hump-day photo dump!

Here's the 411 on this photography challenge - anyone can participate no matter what type of camera you have or your photography skills. You can link up your blog or Flickr photo if you don't have a blog, just please remember to link to your specific post and not your blog homepage.  Please link back to my blog above or below the photo you're entering into my challenge you can use the handy-dandy button I've provided and don't forget to leave comments!! That is the fun part about participating in a photography challenge!


Thank you Tiffany for sharing your amazing photos of June's pre-school Thanksgiving feast! I loved Austin Lee Barron's set this past week! Some great shots and I can totally relate to that post. Katherine shared a beautiful shot of her little boys that stole my heart! Adriel wrote a wonderful post with so many beautiful photos about her difficult pregnancy and a lesson in being grateful that took my breath away and reminded me of some of those miraculous moments with my kids - when there was an abnormality on Eli's ultrasound, when I thought I was going to loose Josiah and when we were told Katie-Abigail might be deaf - those were gut-wrenching, heart-stopping moments that have taught me not to take any of my beautiful, perfect children for granted. And I just loved Yvonne's processing in her photo. Thank you to everyone who shared their photos! Can't wait to see your photos for this week's challenge!

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