Monday, December 5, 2011

Gratitude on a Monday

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I'm writing this on Sunday night, the kids are in bed and it's a rare quiet moment when they are all asleep. The hubs is working on paperwork from last week and getting ready for the week ahead, and I thought I'd go ahead and write this post before I sit down and write out my grocery shopping list for tomorrow and fry whatever brain cells I have left.


We've had our first few days of good and freezing weather. That's what these images are from. I bundled my kids up and we walked to the bus stop - they were bouncing up and down saying "it snowed! it snowed!"  it was just heavy frost but they were pretty happy about it. Walking back to my door I noticed some leaves and just had to run in and grab my camera and macro filter and snap a few photos.


I have a confession to make - I've been slacking on my gratitude journal . It's a wonderful practice and I highly recommend it - taking that moment to be thankful and practice an attitude of gratitude no matter our circumstances is so powerful. So anyway this gratitude list is pretty random and stream of consciousness but here I go anyway...


I am thankful for...
central heat - that works well!
gas logs - to take the bite off those chilly mornings
ordering pizza and watching a football game - we've never been ones to watch sports on TV but I'm really enjoying the hubs new-found love of football.
all of the sweet comments y'all left for me on this post
this tweet


setting up our little craptastic Christmas tree - one of the only things I have kept through the ten Christmases the hubs and I have spent together as a family.
spending all of Saturday doling out consequences to my kids for bad attitudes and disobedience but staying calm(ish) and getting to reap the rewards of a much happier group of kiddos by Saturday afternoon.
a healthy baby boy - his beautiful blue eyes and amazing smile
a church home that feels like family
friends with bright smiles and big hugs
not running out of gas while I got stuck in traffic (trying to get around a parade)
Holiday Coffee
Peanut Butter & Honey sandwiches
This moment of calm, quiet, peace & contentment


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