Thursday, December 8, 2011

attempting to take a print-worthy shot

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The hubs asked me to have some canvas prints made of the family. I ordered four from Easy Canvas Prints (which I'm going to blog about one of these days!! I had a very good experience ordering from them) but I've got five kids and need to order one more. This has been a real learning experience - ordering canvases - and it's slightly altered how I shoot, mostly in regards to leaving more space around the edge of my shot for cropping a print or wrapping a canvas. So the other day I attempted to photograph Josiah for his canvas print. It was an epic fail. He was uncooperative and would not could not be still long enough to get the type of shot that I'd want to hang on my wall. He's really expressive and very active so trying to get just the right shot is tricky. (Exhibit 100 for why being a professional photographer is a lot harder than you'd think! And why I'm not one at the moment) 

love the light on his face and in his eyes - but what a face!!
I love how calm this one looks and I really like the lighting in this shot
if only he was looking at the camera
cue the crazy face!
this is one of my favorites but the expression is still a little off - and I'll need to photoshop his shirt
love that smile - but you can't see his eyes!!
now you can see his eyes but where is the smile?!

Maybe I just need a more cooperative model? My Emma loves to have her picture taken:
White balance is set much too cool
I fixed my white balance by adjusting the Kelvin White Balance on my camera
what is up with the angle on this shot? I think maybe I was shooting too close and got some lens distortion.
this is better - but I'd like to see more eyes
sweet happy snaggle-tooth girl
her model pose

I give up.

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