Friday, November 11, 2011

TGIF!! a lighthearted mini-tutorial

I wanted to do post something kinda' silly today... since it's nearly the weekend.  I ha SO much fun doing these. Does that make me a total photog geek?

I may (or may not) include these in my upcoming photography class called "Simply Style" which is especially for online shop owners but would also apply to craft bloggers, review bloggers, food bloggers, DIYers for Before & After pics.

To do this I made use of my poor, neglected wacom bamboo tablet. in photoshop elements.

when you're setting up your shot watch out for these
when choosing a place to shoot make sure it's in indirect light
too close to the bright window light
with flash
without flash
mama needs to dust!
watch out for color cast by artificial light sources
don't place your subject too close to bright sunlight
a black background absorbs the light and takes care of shadows
I think this one is self-explanitory
the horizon line is really bothering me. Need to get a big piece of craft paper or something to take care of this.
too much space between subjects
good connection between subjects

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